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By Georges Perec

ISBN-10: 1567921582

ISBN-13: 9781567921588

From the writer of lifestyles: A User's guide (Godine, 1987) comes an both staggering novel: W or The reminiscence of formative years, a story that displays a very good writer's attempt to come back to phrases together with his youth and his half within the Nazi profession of France.

Guaranteed to ship surprise waves in the course of the literary neighborhood, Perec's W tells parallel tales. the 1st is autobiographical, describing the author's wartime boyhood. the second one story, denser, extra hectic, extra frightening, is the allegorical tale of W, a legendary island off Tierra del Fuego ruled by way of the thrall of the Olympic "ideal," the place losers are tortured and winners held in transitority idolatry.

As the reader quickly discovers, W is a spot the place "it is extra very important to be fortunate than to be deserving," and "you need to struggle to live...[with] no recourse, no mercy, no salvation, no longer even any desire that point will fix things out." the following, game is glorified and victors venerated, yet athletes are vilified, losers done, rape universal, stealing inspired and violence a truth of life.

Perec's interpretive imaginative and prescient of the Holocaust forces us to invite the query significant to our time: How did this occur earlier than our eyes? How did we glance at these "shells of dermis and bone, ashen confronted, with their backs completely bent, their eyes choked with panic and their suppurating sores"? How did this take place, no longer on W, yet earlier than thousands of spectators, a few horrified, a few cheering, a few detached, yet all current on the video games gazing the occasions of that grisly arena?

This e-book, a devastating indictment of passivity and the psychology of crowds, will locate its position beside such nice works as Milan Kundera's The booklet of Laughter and Forgetting and Primo Levi's The Periodic desk and If now not Now, while?

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History and becoming In proposing an “analytic” of concepts oriented around their endoand exo-consistency, Deleuze was not being “historicist” in the usual sense of the term. He did not attempt to “situate” thinkers, or the concepts they created, within their historical period, though he did not deny the determinative role of their historical context. Deleuze’s book on the painter Francis Bacon, subtitled The Logic of Sensation, is an interesting case in this regard, even though it is not a study of a philosopher.

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