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By Zoë Lehmann Imfeld, Peter Hampson, Alison Milbank

ISBN-10: 0567251144

ISBN-13: 9780567251145

This quantity deploys theology in a reconstructive method of modern literary feedback, to validate and exemplify theological readings of literary texts as an inventive workout. It engages in a discussion with interdisciplinary techniques to literature within which theology is alert and aware of the demanding situations following postmodernism and postmodern literary feedback. It demonstrates the scope and explanatory strength of theological readings throughout numerous texts and literary genres. Theology and Literature after Postmodernity explores a reconstructive method of analyzing and literary learn within the collage atmosphere, with contributions from interdisciplinary students around the globe

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While we think of words and how to bring them out, those very words diminish the soul’s integrity by plundering it from inside. So I must return from the forum of speech to the senate house of the heart, to call together the thoughts of the mind for a kind of council to deliberate how best I may watch over myself, to see to it that in my heart I speak no heedless evil nor speak poorly any good. For the good is well spoken when the speaker seeks with his words to please only the one from whom he has received the good he has.

For we see that our evil is always evil pure and simple, but the good that we think we have cannot be really good, pure and simple. But I think it worthwhile for me to reveal unhesitatingly here to the ears of my brothers everything I secretly revile in myself. As commentator, I have not hidden what I felt, and as confessor, I have not hidden what I suffer. In my commentary I reveal the gifts of God, and in my confession I uncover my wounds. In this vast human race there are always little ones who need to be instructed by my words, and there are always great ones who can take pity on my weakness once they know of it: thus with commentary and confession I offer my help to some of my brethren (as much as I can), and I seek the help of others.

70–96). On this terrace Dante finds marble carvings crafted directly by God showing three paradigmatic examples of humility, the virtue through which pride is purified: the Annunciation, King David dancing before the Ark, and Emperor Trajan administering justice by interrupting a military campaign to make sure justice is granted to a widow whose son had been murdered. (As the legend has it, it is in seeing a similar carving on Trajan’s Column in Rome that Gregory, deeply moved by Trajan’s actions, prays for his salvation).

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