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We, however, may today compare a few of Howard's conclusions, drawn from the Worcestershire countryside in 1920, with a few of Buechner's drawn forty years later in central Africa's Semliki Flats. By such a brief exercise in comparative ethology we shall begin to see territory both as a particular reality and as an underlying pattern in animal affairs. And we shall be wise to remember that we are comparing birds with antelopes, creatures as remotely related as are birds and ourselves. I recorded seven of Buechner's conclusions to hold in our memories: (1) That male kobs compete for territories, never for females.

But there will be a difference in the character of the contestants. In the nineteenth century science as a whole spoke for the continuity of living beings, whereas religion spoke for the uniqueness of man. In our time the controversy must arise between two wings of science itself. " That is about it. I do not believe that we are towns without histories, ships without compasses, moments without memories. We carry in that region known as the unconscious certain patterns inherited from ancient days.

And he knows all about me, all my secrets, for he was there when I began, and he knows when I am lying, and he is watching me, right now, just as he watches you. 2. Arena Behavior The Uganda kob is among the supreme beauties of the antelope world, a photographic delicacy for antelope connoisseurs. Less graceful than the impala, less majestic than the kudu with its corkscrew horns, the kob has a sturdy elegance unlike either. His coat is a golden brown, like proper toast. There are black-and-white markings about his face, and they vary considerably, so that two kob, like two people, seldom look quite alike.

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