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On upon the stock self-in- of the THE PHYSICAL BASIS OF RACE Recent attempts have been made terest of inferior races show that the shape in 17 the in- among our immigrants to of the skull does change, not merely in a century, but in a single generation. In 1 9 10, of the the report of the anthropological expert Congressional gravely declared that a round skull across the Atlantic might skull child; the subtle of Jew on his later, in American response to institutions as ex- emplified in an East Side tenement, might did have a child whose and that a long longer; way and did have a round but a few years elixir Commission Immigration skull and was appreciably skull south Italian, breed- ing freely, would have precisely the ence in the reverse direction.

Is is common also in frequently associated These men are all of "blond" aspect and constitution and consequently are to be classed as members of the Nordic In Nordic populations the eral, lighter haired women race. are, in gen- than the men, a fact which points to a blond past and a darker future for THE PHYSICAL those populations. BASIS OF Women among in all RACE 27 human races, mammals, tend to exhibit the older, more generalized and primitive traits of the past of the race. The male in his individual as the females all development indicates the direction in which the race tending under the influence of variation and is selection.

The Indians around the fur posts in northern Canada were formerly the virtual bond slaves of the Hudson Bay Company, each Indian and his squaw and pappoose being adequately supplied with simple food and equipment. He was tected as well against the white man's rum pro- as the red man's scalping parties and in return gave the Company all his peltries year's work. From an was nearly an —the whole product Indian's point of view this ideal condition tents serfdom or slavery. ing up of his but was to When all in- through the open- of the country the continuance of such archaic system became an an impossibility, the Indian sold his furs to the highest bidder, received a large price in cash and then wasted the proceeds in trinkets instead of blankets flour, but is cast.

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