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By Vladimir Tikhonov

ISBN-10: 9004185038

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The publication bargains with the affects Social Darwinism exerted upon Korea's smooth ideologies of their formative interval - specially nationalism - after its creation to Korea in 1883 and earlier than Korea's annexation by way of Japan in 1910. It exhibits that the assumption within the "survival of the fittest" because the overarching cosmic and social precept constituted the most underpinning for the modernity discourses in Korea within the 1890s-1900s. not like the dominant ideology of conventional Korea, Neo-Confucianism, which used to be mostly promoted via the scholar-official elite, Social Darwinism appealed to the fashionable intellectuals, but additionally to the marketers, offering the justification for his or her profit-seeking actions as a part of the "national survival" undertaking. As an ideology of Korea's nascent capitalism, Social Darwinism in Korea may possibly, notwithstanding, not often be referred to as a liberal creed: it sincerely prioritized "national survival" over person rights and pursuits.

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