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Beforehand again [adv1] another time; repeated afresh, anew, anon, bis, come again, encore, freshly, 2:16 PM Page 23 AFFRONT / AGGRANDIZE newly, once more, one more time, over, over and over, recurrently, reiteratively, repeatedly; concepts 553,799 again [adv2] in addition additionally, also, besides, further, furthermore, moreover, on the contrary, on the other hand, then; concept 577 against [prep] opposite to across, adjacent, contra, contrary to, counter to, facing, in contrast to, in opposition to, opposed to, opposing, versus; concept 564 age [n1] period of animate existence adolescence, adulthood, boyhood, childhood, dotage, elderliness, girlhood, infancy, life, lifetime, majority, maturity, middle age, milestone, old age, senility, seniority, wear and tear*, youth; concepts 816,817 age [n2] a period of time aeon, blue moon*, century, date, day, duration, epoch, era, generation, interim, interval, life, lifetime, millennium, span; concept 807 age [v] become older decline, deteriorate, develop, get along, grow, grow feeble, grow old, grow up, mature, mellow, push, put mileage on*, ripen, wane; concept 105 aged [adj] old age-old, ancient, antediluvian, antiquated, antique, been around*, creaky*, elderly, getting on*, gray, moth-eaten*, oldie*, over the hill*, passé*, rusty*, senescent, senior citizen, shot*, timeworn, venerable, worn, worse for wear*; concepts 578,797 —Ant.

Clean, moral, virtuous adulterous [adj] unfaithful cheating, doublecrossing*, extracurricular*, fast and loose*, illicit, immoral, moonlighting*, speedy*, twofaced*, two-timing*, unchaste; concept 372 —Ant. chaste, clean, pure, virginal adultery [n] extramarital affair affair, carrying on*, cheating, extracurricular activity*, fling, fornication, hanky-panky*, immorality, infidelity, matinee*, playing around*, relationship, 2:16 PM Page 19 ADORNMENT / ADVANCEMENT thing*, two-timing*; concept 633 —Ant.

Insufficient, lacking, needy, suffering, wanting afford [v1] able to have or do; within financial means allow, be able to, bear, be disposed to, have enough for, have the means for, incur, manage, spare, stand, support, sustain; concepts 335,713 afford [v2] give, produce bestow, furnish, grant, impart, offer, provide, render, supply, yield; concepts 108,143 —Ant. take away affront [n] an insult abuse, backhanded compliment*, brickbat*, dirty deed*, indignity, injury, left-handed compliment*, offense, outrage, provocation, put-down*, slap*, slap in the face*, slight, slur, vexation, wrong; concepts 7,19,44,54 —Ant.

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