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By K. R. Veenhof, Jesper Eidem

ISBN-10: 3727816236

ISBN-13: 9783727816239

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The edition of the bullae contains another surprise, because on p. 220, under could not address the questions raised by the find-spots of some of the tablets, which is the heading "Bullae from Surniobivo's Archive", we read that it contained seventeen bullae, also of interest for the archaeologists. While most letters addressed to Assur-mutappil were also those with excavation numbers kt 91/k 112-122, which were found in the next year, found in the debris, three (nos. 17 - very similar to apparently because the excavation of the 1990 house could not be completed in 1990.

Four and it is hoped that they will be able to profit from the results of prospographical research undertaken by J-G. Dercksen, at first probably in the form of a complete list of names and tablets published elsewhere were not included and in particular 46 tablets in sealed envelopes are lacking 2 89 text references, which is vital in view of the extraordinary large number of different persons The fourth volume, TPAK, published by and namesakes which occur in the texts. The availability of the eponym list now makes it satisfactory.

Moreover, could use the second volume of texts from Hrozny's excavations, ICK 2, published in 1962. 261 and Switzerland), KUG (texts in Giessen, 1966), KTK (collections in the USSR, 1968), and its approach was less broad and the command of watershed good progress. The most important publications were Garelli 1964-1966 (texts in France CCT 6 (London 1975). They were followed in later years by KTS 2 (1989) and Sadberk and stimulated further research, which (1999, both in Istanbul), CTMMA 1 (1988, in New York), Michel 1987 (in the Louvre), and unfortunately still could not use the thousands of texts excavated since 1948.

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