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By Aaron B. Daniels

ISBN-10: 1461957559

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This publication offers serial killers as having problems of mind's eye, imagopathy, obvious via deficiencies reminiscent of failure of empathy, inflexible fantasies, and unresolved projections. This disease is a kind of failed alchemy. This learn demanding situations long-held assumptions that the Jungian inspiration of individuation is a merely healthy force. Serial killers are not able to shape perception after projecting untenable material  Read more...

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Depth psychology, according to Hillman (1997) is a term first used by Paul Eugen Bleuler (1857-1939) at the turn of the twentieth century. It indicates those traditions speaking to some sense of the unconscious and thus speaks to those lineages containing and emerging from Jung and Freud. The term psychodynamic also refers to authors within those traditions. , psychodynamics), however, refers to the flow of libidinal or erotic energy through psychic structures and object-relations. This study uses the terms analyst, psychotherapist, clinician, and therapist relatively interchangeably.

I’ll discuss this more in the Methodology chapter, but the essence of my argument is that quantitative methods yield quantifiable answers – the sort of answers that fit the questions asked. In this scenario, the assumptions that informed the questions are too-rarely 26 Jungian Crime Scene Analysis: An Imaginal Investigation examined. This leads to those aspects of the human experience that are not easily quantifiable becoming ignored or rendered irrelevant. Thus, because my thesis is that these profilers apply imagination, something uniquely human yet scarcely quantifiable, in a life-and-death venue, only a qualitative method would be appropriate.

Today, many mental health professionals are aware of the shared nature of the encounter in the consulting room. However, the formulations of Jung, and writers following in his tradition, stand as more than important milestones in the development of current conceptualizations. These concepts are also essential journals of the experiences of theorists-as-analysts who struggled to understand and use the enigma of countertransference. Moreover, Jung presents an intentionality to the therapist’s or analyst’s experiences that few other theorists do.

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