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By Simone Bignall, Sean Bowden, Paul Patton

This assortment brings jointly the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and the wealthy culture of yankee pragmatist idea, taking heavily the dedication to pluralism on the middle of either. individuals discover in novel methods Deleuze’s particular references to pragmatism, and think about the philosophical importance of a few issues at which Deleuze’s philosophy converges with, or diverges from, the paintings of best pragmatists. The papers of the 1st a part of the quantity take as their concentration Deleuze’s philosophical courting to classical pragmatism and the paintings of Peirce, James and Dewey. specific components of concentration comprise theories of symptoms, metaphysics, perspectivism, adventure, the transcendental and democracy. The papers comprising the second one half the quantity are concerned with constructing serious encounters among Deleuze’s paintings and the paintings of latest pragmatists similar to Rorty, Brandom, rate, Shusterman and others. concerns addressed contain antirepresentationalism, constructivism, politics, objectivity, naturalism, impact, human finitude and the character and cost of philosophy itself. With contributions by means of the world over famous experts in either poststructuralist and pragmatist idea, the gathering is sure to counterpoint Deleuze scholarship, liven up dialogue in pragmatist circles, and give a contribution in major how one can modern philosophical debate.

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This is understandable given the emphasis Deleuze himself places on Peirce’s typology of firstness, secondness, and thirdness in his Cinema books, as well as the importance of a theory of signs in his Proust and Signs. 1 The importance of passive synthesis as set forth in the second chapter of Difference and Repetition has been routinely discussed. What is of particular significance for our purposes is that with the notion of passive synthesis, Deleuze is able to argue for a process whereby an identity comes to be individuated in a way that does not presuppose an identity that predetermines the process—it presupposes, instead, an actual infinite or indeterminate chaos.

The problem with Kant’s move, Deleuze argues, is that this “pure thought,” the noumena, to the extent that it “remains undetermined—or is not determined as differential,” continues to remain tied to the framework of external conditioning and representation in that the noumena is external to and conditions the possibility of the regressive series of representations. In other words, as with his critique of Aristotle, who subjects specific difference to “the identity of an undetermined concept (genus)” (Deleuze 1994, 32), so too does Kant subject the differences between the representations of the regressive series to the identity of the undetermined noumena.

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