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By Joe Kertzman

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Let writer Don Fogg assist you construct of 1 of the large blades, the long lopper - the sword! His step by step sword-making strategy resonates good with fanatics who cannot get sufficient of the romance, heritage, glance, think, usefulness, ethnic history and actual impressiveness of swords.

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Dedicated to the Study of Sword Making

Enable writer Don Fogg assist you construct of 1 of the large blades, the long lopper - the sword! His step by step sword-making procedure resonates good with fans who cannot get sufficient of the romance, heritage, glance, believe, usefulness, ethnic background and actual impressiveness of swords.

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Since a sword blade is subjected to incredible forces on the cutting edge, it is important to roll the edge in for maximum support. This can be done using the slack belt, but care should be taken that it doesn’t wash over your grind lines. While grinders are used in my operation, I prefer to finish my blades by hand. I like the control and finish that I get doing it this way and it is not as stressful. For the final shaping, I use a large Norton KB8 stone. The stone is soaked in water with a touch of Fantastic added.

Files wear out. I like to start a new project with a fresh file. If you can see bright areas on your file, the teeth are gone and it isn’t going to work as quickly as a fresh file would. All hand tools have their own touch to make them work efficiently and effectively. It is a common problem to bull through the work, but if you do, you will create problems and frustrate yourself. Learn to use them effectively and they are pleasant tool with which to work. Once the blade is draw filed to finished dimensions, it is ready for heat treating.

As it approaches the temperature of the forge, it will appear to hang and not gain in temperature. During this stage, shadows will be visible on the blade. It is still gaining temperature, but energy is required for the carbon to move from within the matrix of the iron molecule and go into solution. Once this finally occurs throughout the blade, the steel will brighten and be uniform over the entire length. Bring the blade above critical temperature and then allow it to cool in still air in a darkened space.

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