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Two aboriginal habitation sites being here reviewed lie in Utah, just east of the Utah-Nevada line, and near Wendover, Utah. The major site, Danger Cave, lies less than two miles east from that town. Wendover itself lies at north latitude 40°44'', west longitude 114°02'', at an elevation of approximately 4250' above (the airport lies 4239' above) sea level. Thus the area in question falls squarely within the Great Basin, which is extensive, including most of Nevada, half of Utah, and sizeable areas of California and Oregon.

Hence, easy passage by hunters from Asia and Alaska would have been possible down the east face of the Canadian Rockies or between the Rockies and the Sierras, or even down the west coast. And open ground there must have been. Vegetable food to support both man and game, with big game probably the chief food of man, cannot be found on ice sheets; where hunters pass, there must be game. So in small groups, over a long period of time perhaps, people filtered into North America. Those who followed the trails east of the Rockies entered the Plains to prey upon the large beastselephant and giant bisonfound there.

Smith, moreover, had sampled some of the caves in the Wendover area, and is therefore in a real sense responsible for the entire project. His generosity with notes and other data must here be specifically mentioned. Robert Anderson, editor of The University of Utah Anthropological Papers, has given many helpful suggestions during the preparation of the final draft of this paper. To my professional colleagues in other places whose knowledge of the problems dealt with in various sections exceeds my own, Alex Krieger, Erik Reed, Robert Heizer, Luther Cressman, Emil Haury, James Griffin, Frank H.

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