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He discovered that the product of the Hertzian contact stress and the sliding velocity is crucial. Later, in 1943, he added to this product the greatest distance of the contact point on the line of action from the pitch point (termed the PVT formula; refer to [6]). 2 Functions and Classification of Gears and Teeth F A ≤ F AGrenz 19 (1/17) pa Hertzian contact stress on the tooth tip /ga sliding velocity on tooth tip ga distance of point of tip contact from the pitch point; partial contact length The parameter FA was calculated at the head of the pinion and the gear.

In 1729, he established an equation for the relative “strength” of the material: Q= m BH 2 L Q load L length B width (1/1) H thickness m material constant Very early on, the English engineer T. Tredgold assumed that a key effect was made by the load distribution across the face width. In 1822, he published a relationship for the chordal thickness, which he derived from the assumption that the entire tooth force acts on the outermost tooth edge as a result of deviations or an external body (Figure 1/9).

A comparison of typical efficiency values between cylindrical gears (one single step) and other gears is shown in Table 1/1. It can be seen that a cylindrical gear pairing possesses the minimum losses of all gears. This statement also remains valid in comparison to other basic systems of the input, such as motors, turbines, and clutches subject to slip. 2. , for the same direction of input and output rotation, the output torque (as the external torque acting on the gear) is opposed to the sense of rotation of the shaft.

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