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During this ebook, North American psychiatrists discover the psychic bond among people and animals and its value within the basic improvement of the human brain, animals in human goals, ameliorations of people to animals in literature, animals mostly in grownup and children's literature and artwork, animals in faith, and the way animals relate to immigration and nationwide id.

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To the degree that conceptual dividing lines or boundaries between inanimate nature, animals, and humans are only partially delineated and remain indistinct, variable, or semipermeable, object-related feelings, wishes, and fears may be readily displaced onto various animals or globally onto nature and the cosmos. The Inuit hunter on a mission seeking food for his family, alone and far from home, experiences himself not as alone but rather as what we in our metaphor might describe as being "the apple of mother nature's eye," supportively enveloped in her arms, engulfed in an animistically alive oceanic surround.

8 At first the image of this being is relatively vague. Once the baby starts to recognize the general characteristics of a human face, she or he will tend to respond to any animate face with a social smile. " 16 THE CULTURAL ZOO indicate that the child has delineated a distinction between mother and others (Spitz, 1965). In many cultures, shared preverbal memories of early childhood processes of sorting and categorizing perceptual data are portrayed in sacred mythology. The shared images derive from early preverbal perceptual schemata, similar to those described by Frank (1969) as being "unrememberable" in terms of verbal categories and yet "unforgettable" because the primordial images are experienced as perceptually vivid and somehow deeply meaningful.

Plains Indian adolescents would go to a terrifying spiritridden place where they would starve themselves until a magically powerful animal spirit appeared in a vision and became their guardian spirit (Freeman, 1968). In many cultures shamans go into trancelike dissociative states in which they merge with supernatural animal and ancestral spirits. They serve as religious specialists in dissolving and transcending traditional conceptual boundaries. ACTIVE MASTERY IN ACTION AND IN ILLUSION A child's progression from passive dependency toward active initiative shapes his or her subsequent interactions with humans and with animals.

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