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During this publication, North American psychiatrists discover the psychic bond among people and animals and its value within the common improvement of the human brain, animals in human desires, differences of people to animals in literature, animals usually in grownup and children's literature and artwork, animals in faith, and the way animals relate to immigration and nationwide identification.

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It is perhaps not surprising that, as a shepherd, he placed particular emphasis on the feelings of animals. 32 THE CULTURAL ZOO He included them among those for whom the Sabbath was decreed to be a day of rest in the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:10, 23:12). He mandated help for an ox or donkey who had gone astray or fallen under its load, even if it belonged to one's enemy (Exodus 23:4-5), and emphasized that an ox should not be muzzled to prevent it from eating while it was threshing corn (Deuteronomy 25:4).

This discovery of the emotional meaningfulness of the outside world and the baby's burst of increased interest in exploration lead to the infant's "hatching" like a bird from a shell (Mahler, 1968), and "the psychological birth of the human infant" (Mahler, Pine, and Bergman, 1975). As the baby explores, an emotionally meaningful perceptual image or schema becomes organized of a need-satisfying animate agent who produces positive changes and transformations. 8 At first the image of this being is relatively vague.

Their food is simultaneously conceived of as animal, as possessed with a humanlike soul, and as part of the supernatural. They, and people in many other hunting societies, conceive of cooperation and shared consciousness between the hunter and the quarry. But they focus their attention on and are very careful to delineate specific details and characteristics of nature and of game animals that are crucial to their survival. For example, they have many separate categories and names for different types of wind and different types of snow.

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