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While builders brush off CSS to be aware of JavaScript functionality, they could be overlooking a few nice functions of CSS. This book, "CSS Essentials" (eBook #18), explores a few sensible implementations of CSS, together with utilization of pseudo-elements in CSS, decoupling HTML from CSS, sleek CSS layouts with equivalent top columns, taming complex CSS selectors, and so forth. those thoughts and articles can assist enhance either the functionality and maintainability of your web pages throughout browsers.


- Backgrounds In CSS: every little thing you must Know
- The secret Of The CSS go with the flow Property
- The Z-Index CSS estate: A entire Look
- CSS Sprites: beneficial ideas, Or strength Nuisance?
- glossy CSS Layouts: the fundamental Characteristics
- glossy CSS Layouts, half 2: the fundamental Techniques
- Writing CSS For Others
- Decoupling HTML From CSS
- CSS Specificity And Inheritance
- equivalent peak Column Layouts With Borders And damaging Margins In CSS
- !important CSS Declarations: How And while to take advantage of Them
- CSS Sprites Revisited
- studying to take advantage of The :before And :after Pseudo-Elements In CSS
- Taming complicated CSS Selectors
- Six CSS structure gains to seem ahead To

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This is not a CSS bug; it’s in line with CSS specifications. All browsers render the same in this example. It should be pointed out that, in this example, adding a width to the container prevents the issue from occurring in IE, so this would normally be something you would have to resolve in Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Chrome. SOLUTION 1: FLOAT THE CONTAINER The easiest way to fix this problem is to float the containing parent element: Smashing eBook #18│CSS Essentials│ 36 Now the container expands to fit all the child elements.

Smashing eBook #18│CSS Essentials│ 43 3-Column Layout with CSS Smashing eBook #18│CSS Essentials│ 44 FLOATED IMAGE WITH CAPTION Similar to what we discussed earlier under “Float in Practice”, Max Design describes how to float an image with a caption, allowing text to wrap around it naturally. Floating an Image and Caption Smashing eBook #18│CSS Essentials│ 45 HORIZONTAL NAVIGATION WITH UNORDERED LISTS The float property is a key ingredient in coding sprite-based horizontal navigation bars. Chris Spooner of Line25 describes how to create a Menu of Awesomeness, in which the

  • elements that hold the navigation buttons are floated left: How to Create a CSS Menu Using Image Sprites Smashing eBook #18│CSS Essentials│ 46 To demonstrate the importance of the float property in this example, here is a screen shot of the same image after using firebug to remove the float: left: Smashing eBook #18│CSS Essentials│ 47 GRID-BASED PHOTO GALLERIES A simple use for the float property is to left-float a series of photos contained in an unordered list, which gets the same result as what you would see in a table-based layout.

    The other elements inside the box (the

    tags with text inside them) do not need any styles applied to them. As mentioned earlier, floated elements are taken out of flow in relation to other block elements, and so other block elements remain in flow, acting as if the floated element is not even there. This is demonstrated visually below: Smashing eBook #18│CSS Essentials│ 31 In the above example, the

    element is a block-level element, so it ignores the floated element, spanning the width of the container (minus padding).

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