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By Eivind J. Øvreli, Kai Tang, Thorvald Engh (auth.), Kazuo Nakajima, Noritaka Usami (eds.)

This quantity offers a finished survey of the technological know-how and know-how of crystal progress of Si for sunlight cells with emphasis on primary technology. ranging from feedstock, crystal progress of bulk crystals (single crystal and multicrystals) and skinny movie crystals are mentioned. various illustrations advertise a comprehension of crystal-growth physics. the elemental wisdom on crystal development mechanisms received via this e-book will give a contribution to destiny advancements of novel crystal progress applied sciences for additional development of conversion potency of Si-based sunlight cells.

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Therefore, how to reduce the production cost and increase the yield, without sacrificing much the quality, remains the key issue for crystal growers. -W. Lan et al. consumption. This also imposes a great challenge on Cz silicon producers to improve their process and lower the cost. On one hand, the production per hour (PPH) is about 7 kg h−1 for a current advanced GT 450 directional solidification (DS) furnace for a period of 50 h in production (with a growth rate of 2 mm h−1 ). On the other hand, for a Cz puller with 100 kg charge and 30 h growth time (with a pulling rate of 50 mm h−1 ), the PPH is about 2 kg h−1 .

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