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"Second variation offers new fabric on coupling rankings, normal objective couplings as opposed to precise objective couplings, retrofitting of lubricated couplings to nonlubricated couplings, torsional damping couplings, torquemeter couplings, and more."

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3. Grid Couplings Grid couplings are also very similar to gear couplings. Usually composed of all metal, they have some degree of resilience. These couplings can dampen vibration and reduce peak or shock loads by 10-3O%. They have two hubs with serrations (grooves) rather than teeth. The grooves are connected by a steel grid. A cover keeps the lubrication in. 19 Chain coupling-nylon. 2 1). Grid couplings do not transmit as much power (for per the same outside diameter) as gear couplings but are usually less costly.

They are used to absorb energy and dampen loads, particularly when the equipment is engine-driven. 29 Block coupling. (Courtesy of Kop-Flex, Inc. 30 Jaw coupling. ) Overview of Couplings and Joints 49 Pin-and-bushing coupling. 31 C. Metallic Element Couplings (Disc Couplings) Disc couplings transmit torque by a simple tensile force between alternating driving and driven bolts on a common bolt circle. Misalignment arises from the flexibility that comes from the length of material between the bolts.

Those between 100 and 1000 hp are classified a s medium: Usually those over 1000 hp are considered critical t o the operation of the equipment: these are covered in Section IV, Special-Purpose Couplings. 13 Miniature metallic beam coupling. 14 Miniature disc coupling. g.. a pump) shuts down, it usually does not affect the plant operation. This equipment uses a coupling with a flexible element that can be easily inspected and replaced and is therefore often considered a throwaway. The couplings are very flexible and require very simple alignment techniques, calipers, scales, and perhaps, if one gets sophisticated, a dial indicator.

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