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"Second variation presents new fabric on coupling rankings, basic function couplings as opposed to detailed function couplings, retrofitting of lubricated couplings to nonlubricated couplings, torsional damping couplings, torquemeter couplings, and more."

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They have two hubs with serrations (grooves) rather than teeth. The grooves are connected by a steel grid. A cover keeps the lubrication in. 19 Chain coupling-nylon. 2 1). Grid couplings do not transmit as much power (for per the same outside diameter) as gear couplings but are usually less costly. Grid couplings are used for medium-sized and small equipment. 4. U-Joints U-joints are used in many general-purpose applications. 22). There are several types used here. Rear wheel drives use the “pin-and-yoke’’ type.

Miscellaneous Couplings 1. 36) transmit torque through a spiral-cut beam. The beams are shaped to allow torque to be transmitted in either direction. Misalignment is accommodated by deflection of the curved beam. Metallic beam couplings can accommodate misalignment up to 1/2". These couplings are used in small equipment applications. 2. 37) transmit torque through an intermediate square floating member and compensate for all three types of misalignments by sliding action between the closely fitted center member and the adjacent driving and driven jaw flanges.

15) 2. The general-purpose industrial disciplinc. which covers couplings used in the steel industry. the pctrochcmical industry. utilities, machinery, and so on. Most of these couplin,(7s are considered “off the shclf” or modificalions of them. 3. ” 111. ” Couplings for operations under 100 lip are classified as small. Those between 100 and 1000 hp are classified a s medium: Usually those over 1000 hp are considered critical t o the operation of the equipment: these are covered in Section IV, Special-Purpose Couplings.

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