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Eric Packer is a twenty-eight-year-old multi-billionaire asset supervisor. We subscribe to him on what's going to develop into a very eventful April day in turn-of-the-twenty-first-century big apple. He's on a private odyssey, to get a haircut. Sitting in his stretch limousine because it strikes throughout city, he unearths town at a digital standstill as the President is vacationing, a rapper's funeral is continuing, and a violent protest is being staged in instances sq. via anti-globalist teams. such a lot worryingly, Eric's bodyguards are involved that he could be a aim ...An electrifying research in affectlessness, infused with deep cynicism and measured detachment; a harsh indictment of the life-denying traits of capitalism; as brutal a dissection of the yankee dream as Wolfe's "Bonfire" or Ellis' "Psycho", "Cosmopolis" is a caustic prophecy all too quick realized.

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Just as Engels reported that Marx himself 43 D E R R I DA AN D T H E E N D O F H I S T O R Y disclaimed being a Marxist, so Derrida can declare firmly that neither is he (‘What is certain is that I am not a Marxist . . What is the distinguishing trait of a Marxist statement? ’43); but he continues nevertheless to invoke the spirit of Marx in his critique of liberal democracy. Spirits, Spectres, and Deferring the End We might now consider what Derrida means by ‘the end of a certain concept of history’.

The ‘end of history’ is not the good news that Fukuyama believes it to be; not if we have any desire at all to contest the balance of economic and political power that currently prevails in our world. It may have taken a while to establish it with certainty, and kept many in suspense in the interim, but, ultimately, Derridean deconstruction is on the side of the left-wing angels. 63 D E R R I DA AN D T H E E N D O F H I S T O R Y Notes 1. Jacques Derrida, Specters of Marx: The State of the Debt, the Work of Mourning, and the New International, trans.

Seen from this Bauman-Derrida perspective, one can, indeed one should, be late to the end of history, since that demonstrates resistance to an authoritarianism that is all too typically a stock-in-trade of ideology in general. And if there is one thing that postmodern thinkers of all persuasions are agreed upon, it is that they despise authoritarianism in whatever form it may take. Ideology controls individuals all the more effectively where all alternatives to itself are, as Bauman puts it, ‘de-legitimized’.

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