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As protectionist trade barriers have fallen, European organizations have been increasingly required to reposition themselves to meet the challenges of the global market place. In the home market, deregulation, increased competition as well as technological changes have required organizations to become more efficient and effective. As a result of these market pressures, it is inevitable that organizations analyze and redesign all aspects of their business to remain competitive. As part of this process, organizations are downsizing at an unprecedented scale, and merger, acquisition and disinvestment activity remains high.

No. Name of enterprise 1. CONCOR No. 9000 Amount realised (Rs. 65 2. 86 3. 96 4. 68 5. 11 Source: Department of Disinvestment. in Budget speech (1999-2000) Government’s strategy towards public sector enterprises will continue to encompass a judicious mix of strengthening strategic units, privatizing nonstrategic ones through gradual disinvestment or strategic sale and devising viable rehabilitation strategies for weak units. One highlight of the policy was that the expression ‘privatization’ was used for the first time.

Large-scale post-crisis corporate restructuring takes a minimum of one to three years to complete, on average. Finally, crisis can ultimately boost long-term growth prospects both by weakening special interests that had previously blocked change, and through the successful completion of corporate restructuring. Evolution in India Business combinations, corporate restructuring, financial reengineering, corporate reorganizations are the terms used for restructuring the corporate sector. But in India, corporate restructuring by way of disinvestment of public sector enterprises has become a fashionable concept in recent years.

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