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By Dr Christina Julios

Opposed to the history of an more and more multicultural British society, this ebook strains the evolution of British identification within the twentieth century.Debates round British multi-culturalism and multi-ethnic identification are deconstructed via a linguistic lens, which explores the function performed by way of the English language in those debates. exam of the expansionism of the nineteenth century British Empire and the increase of the U.S. to the placement of the world's superpower through the twentieth century is provided.The publication increases questions on the collective skill and willingness to redress the imbalance among the bulk white inhabitants and the country's marginalised minority ethnic groups. those questions supply enlightening clues to the most likely path that the present public discourse on British identification will soak up the twenty first century.

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Despite the undeniable success of European social and educational policies in achieving the Unions’ collective pluralistic ideal, the reality of enlargement has drawn attention to the challenges faced by an ever increasing multilingual European machinery. From the outset, the institutions of the European Union have been sustained by a formidable information and communications infrastructure, responsible for translating and interpreting a wealth of daily official proceedings, policy documents and information, among others.

Over time, their failure to communicate with the dominant English population has seen them consigned to geographically constrained ethnic linguistic enclaves, such the London borough of Tower Hamlets’ ‘Banglatown’ where their mother tongue and cultural heritage has come to enjoy an overwhelming presence. As by-products of English-dominant societies, ESL education policies are mostly geared towards students’ mastery of the English language, with use of community tongues being merely conceived as an aid to achieving this objective.

Each is coloured by the particular interests and beliefs of those who articulate them. Just as language can be utilised as a cultural strategy, it can also be deployed as an ideological and political 28 Yanow, D. (1996), How Does a Policy Mean? : Georgetown University Press), 153. English Language Colonisation, De-Colonisation and Globalisation 37 tool. The contrasting approaches to second language tuition by successive British governments in the past forty years reflect this reality. The five language dimensions here described largely encapsulate the complexity of the environment in which second language education occurs.

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