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By Dr Christina Julios

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Opposed to the heritage of an more and more multicultural British society, this publication strains the evolution of British identification within the twentieth century.Debates round British multi-culturalism and multi-ethnic id are deconstructed via a linguistic lens, which explores the function performed by way of the English language in those debates. exam of the expansionism of the nineteenth century British Empire and the increase of the us to the placement of the world's superpower throughout the twentieth century is provided.The booklet increases questions about the collective skill and willingness to redress the imbalance among the bulk white inhabitants and the country's marginalised minority ethnic groups. those questions offer enlightening clues to the most likely path that the existing public discourse on British id will absorb the twenty first century.

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Cultural Dimension Every tongue belongs to a given cultural heritage and as such it expresses a unique identity. In theory, all of the world’s languages can be said to have an equal share in humanity’s linguistic legacy. As already indicated though, in practice, the relative worth of a tongue is determined by the socio-economic and cultural status of its speakers. The intellectual value of the English and Sylheti languages is undeniable; however, when spoken in Britain, the former becomes a priceless asset, while the latter is lowered to a secondary plane.

When in contact, languages inevitably enter into hierarchical relationships whereby some enjoy a dominant position, while others become relegated to a secondary or complementary level. : US Department for Education), 2–11. uk/focuson/ethnicity> (accessed 14 April 2006); National Statistics (2006), Social Trends No. 36 (London: TSO); Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM), Social Exclusion Unit (2004), Breaking the Cycle: Taking Stock of Progress and Priorities for the Future (London: ODPM); Cabinet Office, Strategy Unit (2003), Ethnic Minorities and the Labour Market: Final Report (London: SU); White, A.

E. English, Welsh or Scottish Gaelic) for the purpose of naturalisation; secondly, showing sufficient knowledge of life in the United Kingdom; and thirdly, taking up a Citizenship Oath and a Pledge of allegiance at a civil ceremony. Given the new language and civic structures now envisaged by the Act, the Home Office set up an independent Advisory Board on Naturalisation and Integration (ABNI) chaired by Professor Sir Bernard Crick to advice on assessment processes. 41 Reflecting on the changes introduced at the time, John Reid, Home Secretary, indicated: Those [citizenship] tests, together with the new citizenship ceremonies which celebrate the achievement of new Britons in becoming citizens, have bee a real success.

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