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By Michael Eigen

This publication explores methods we make touch with the depths in ourselves and every different. we're deeply moved via touch we make with lifestyles, but additionally questioned by way of a necessity to wreck or lose touch, and infrequently undergo wounds by means of failure of touch to be born. Our feel of touch is tenacious and fragile, topic to deformations, plagued with a feeling of jeopardy. Chapters specialize in methods we make-and-break touch within the wounded  Read more...

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I saw Sandra in a new light. She had never shown herself as the kind of person who could be moved in this way. It was not just that I was being let in on another part of herself. She was, too. Micah, unexpectedly, opened a door she did not know she had, a point of contact with something deep and true and holy. Instantly, a sense of the holy suffused the pain of existence. In time, her use of painkillers diminished and ended. She tasted a new plane of possibility. She was horrified by what she had done to herself for so SPIRITUALITY AND ADDICTION 29 many years, all the feeling she killed off, life aborted.

If support for this state is poor, defective, or damaged, a state the infant needs to achieve suffers injury, in some cases irreparably. Addiction repeats a sense of damaged perfection, damaged beatitude. It tries to achieve a perfect moment that has been marred and tries to heal the wound. The “healing” is only temporary, more an attempt to make the wound go away, vanish for a time, consign it to oblivion. Very like God tries to blot out the pain (evil, disturbance) of the world by flooding it.

I remember volunteering to tie someone’s shoelace in kindergarten, although I did not know how. The teacher treated me rather well, but the event stuck like glue in my mind. I wondered over many years why I had 31 32 CONTACT WITH THE DEPTHS the need to do that. I knew I could not tie the shoe. Yet, I needed to seem as if I did, even though the result must be failure. I was caught between fantasy and reality, hung by my own mind. When I see world leaders making destructive decisions in a show of power, I wonder what gaps, deficits, ignorance, and weakness they push away.

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