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By Philip A. Laplante

Словарь содержит в сжатом виде достаточное полное описание наиболее важных терминов, сокращений и определений из области электроники и электронной техники.
Первая редакция данного словаря стала бестселлером. Последние разработки в ряде областей электроники сделали необходимым выпуск новой редакции данного справочного руководства. Во втором издании добавлено более 1500 определений.Словарь содержит описание более eleven тысяч терминов с более чем 120-ю поясняющими таблицами и иллюстрациями.Файл словаря представлен в формате e-book с поддержкой полнотекстового поиска. Перекрестные ссылки между различными словарными статьями выполнены в виде гиперссылок, что значительно упрощает работу со словарём. 

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See also position error, velocity error. acceleration error constant a gain K a from which acceleration error ea is readily determined. 8 © 2005 by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC The acceleration error constant is a concept that is useful in the design of unity feedback control systems, since it transforms a constraint on the final acceleration error to a constraint on the gain of the open loop system. The relevant equations are ea = K1a and K a = lims→∞ s 2 q(s), where q(s) is the transfer function model of the open loop system, including the controller and the process in cascade, and s is the Laplace variable.

Address generation interlocks cause the CPU to be delayed for a cycle. (AGIs on the Pentium are even more important to remove, since two execution time slots are lost). address locking a mechanism to protect a specific memory address so that it can be accessed exclusively by a single processor. address map a table that associates a base address in main memory with an object (or page) number. , physical) addresses for memory access. See also virtual memory. address register a register used primarily to hold the address of a location in memory.

Acousto-optic channelized radiometer See acousto-optic instantaneous spectrum analyzer in Bragg mode. acousto-optic correlator an optical system that consists of at least one acousto-optic cell, imaging optics between cells and fixed masks, and photodetectors whose outputs correspond to the correlation function of the acoustic wave signal 10 © 2005 by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC within one cell with another signal in a second cell, or with fixed signals on a mask. acousto-optic deflector device device where acousto-optic interaction deflects the incident beam linearly as a function of the input frequency of the RF signal driving the device.

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