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The comparative tradition was maintained by a smaller number of true comparative psychologists. In the 1950s, ethologists and animal psychologists began to interact, first by bitterly criticizing each other's formulations. Eventually, many of the issues dividing ethology and animal psychology were resolved, so that ethologists, animal psychologists, and others could interact to develop the modern science of animal behavior. The contemporary study of animal behavior is in a stage of dynamic growth reflecting the interaction of scientists from many disciplines.

However, in their research on primates, they have made a substantial contribution to the development of contemporary animal behavior. Behavioral Ecology Many zoologists, for whom the term "ethologist" would be inappropriate, have made substantial contributions to the study of animal behavior. Entomologists, ichthyologists, herpetologists, ornithologists, and mammalogists are zoologists specializing in the study of insects, fishes, amphibians and reptiles, birds, and mammals. Some individuals from each area have conducted some classical studies of animal behavior.

It is this form of survival selection which Darwin viewed as the essence of natural selection and which still may be uppermost in the thoughts of most readers (Mayr, 1972). ANIMAL SPECIES: THEIR NATURE, CLASSIFICATION, AND EVOLUTION 41 For Darwin, sexual selection was a basically different process from natural selection. It was selection based on reproduction rather than survival. , bright coloration patterns, large size, specialized song patterns in males). As natural selection has been redefined since Darwin, so that it now is viewed in relation to the differential reproduction of genotypes, sexual selection can now be seen to be but one form of natural selection.

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