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By T. J. Fitikides

Universal blunders in English takes greater than 550 examples of commonplace blunders (for instance, phrases which are usually pressured, misused, or used with the incorrect preposition) and gives an accurate model and rationalization that would support scholars stay away from making an analogous blunders themselves. a useful e-book for college students who're willing to 'get it correct' each time. * bargains right models and motives for greater than 550 average error * thoroughly up to date to mirror smooth English utilization.

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Usually w e try t o a v o i d it in ? o m e w a y : She fought company a long battle did an African with them. if you lie you will be caught out The dance. 14 Using the relative pronoun which for persons. Don't say: I've a brother which is at school. f Say: I've a brother who is at school. Only use w h i c h as a relative p r o n o u n f o r a n i m a l s or t h i n g s . T h e right p r o n o u n to use for p e o p l e is w h o ( w h o s e , w h o m ) . 45 Using what or which after everything, etc.

Say: You ought to have come yesterday. Or: You should have come yesterday. D o n ' t u s e must a n d o u g h t t o as p a s t tenses To express a p a s t d u t y ( w h i c h w a s n ' t d o n e ) u s e t h e p e r f e c t infinitive w i t h o u t t o after a u g h t t o or should, or expressions s u c h as h a d t o , w a s o b l i g e d to. N o t e ' In indirect s p e e c h u s e must a n d o u g h t t o as past t e n s e s : H e said must he do it. 114 Using the present perfect instead of the simple past tense.

Form t h e passive f o r m by using t h e v e r b to be, c o m b i n e d w i t h t h e past participle of t h e verb required (to be + past participle) ^2 Incorrect omissions Have another look at... Indefinite article Use the indefinite article: 1 Before every common noun in the singular, if it isn't preceded by the or some word such as this, that, my, his: I bought a new book (not: I bought new book). 2 Before the words hundred and thousand: A hundred soldiers were in the camp. 3 After the verb to be when a countable noun in the singular follows; Mary's father is a lawyer 4 In certain phrases: to make a noise, a mistake, a fortune, an impression; to have a headache, a pain, a cold, a cough.

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