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By Richard A. Brualdi

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Right here Steven Finch presents 136 essays, each one dedicated to a mathematical consistent or a category of constants, from the well-known to the hugely unique. This ebook should be valuable either to readers looking information regarding a particular consistent, and to readers who want a panoramic view of all constants coming from a specific box, for instance combinatorial enumeration or geometric optimization. Unsolved difficulties look almost in all places besides. this can be a superb scholarly try to assemble all major mathematical constants in a single position.

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Hn ) be a nonnegative vector satisfying h1 ≥ 0 and hi−1 − hi ≤ 1 (i = 2, 3, . . , n). Then H is the normalized row sum vector of a tournament matrix if and only if h1 + h2 + · · · + hk ≥ 0 (k = 1, 2, . . 12) with equality for k = n. The row sum vector of such a tournament matrix is equal to R = (r1 , r2 , . . , rn ) where ri = hi + (i − 1) (i = 1, 2, . . , n). ✷ Let p and n be positive integers. Instead of a round-robin tournament in which each of n teams x1 , x2 , . . , xn plays one game against every other team, we may also consider a round-robin tournament in which each team plays p games against every other team.

Combin. Theory, 5 (1968), 30–44. [14] L. Mirsky, Transversal Theory, Academic Press, New York, 1971. F. Muirhead, Some methods applicable to identities and inequalities of symmetric algebric functions of n letters, Proc. Edinburgh Math. , 21 (1903), 144–157. [16] G. Sierksma and H. Hoogeven, Seven criteria for integer sequences being graphic, J. Graph Theory, 15 (1991), 223–231. B. , Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle River, 2001. J. Wilson, Introduction to Graph Theory, Longman, London, 1985. 2 Basic Existence Theorems for Matrices with Prescribed Properties In this chapter we prove some existence theorems for matrices with special properties.

Choose a counterexample with m + n minimal, and for that m + n, with τ = r1 + r2 + · · · + rm minimal. l l ∗ Case 1: i=1 si = i=1 ri for some l with 0 < l < n. It is an immediate consequence that l l R1 = (r1 , . . , rm ) = (min{l, r1 }, . . , min{l, rm }) and S1 = (s1 , . . , sl ), we have S1 R1∗ , and for the vectors R2 = (r1 − r1 , . . rm − rm ), and S2 = (sl+1 , . . , sn ), we have S2 R2∗ . By minimality there exist a (0, 1)-matrix A1 with row sum vector R1 and column sum vector S1 , and a (0,1)-matrix A2 with row sum vector R2 and column sum vector S2 .

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