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By James Estep

A tender corporation commander tells what it was once wish to inherit an air cellular rifle corporation of under-achieving infantry squaddies and mould it right into a winning combating outfit within the rice paddies of enemy territory. Reprint.

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Mac, do it! " Then, turning to Blair, I said, "Call trains. " Winding up our ad hoc planning session, I asked if there were any questions, comments, or other ideas. There being none, I briefly turned my attention to the other platoon leaders, emphasizing the importance of playing the game the following morning. Although their men would know we were in ambush positions thirty meters or so from where they were drinking their morning coffee, they must in no manner indicate this to Charlie. Everything must appear completely normal--just another day in the Nam.

Oh, double shit! I turned to my leaders, who as one looked back at me in total bewilderment. Sergeant Marvel, Weapons Platoon leader (the platoon had no officer assigned), broke an uneasy silence by somewhat meekly asking, "Sir, where do you want my people to go? " Fuck! I can't believe this! "Sergeant," I replied as calmly as possible, "you take the second Chinook ... or is it the first? No, I think you have to divide your people between ... " The whump, whump of the inbound Hueys was noticeably louder when 1st Sgt.

Now is the time to try a false extraction, sir," he blurted out. Lieutenant MacCarty, as usual, was the first to speak, "Slim, you can't do a false extract without helicopters. See, you gotta have a platform upon which to be extracted 'fore you can be falsly extracted! " "No, Mac, and maybe Charlie hasn't either," Brightly replied. "I mean, like you say, he's probably looking for false extracts with helicopters. " MacCarty, Sullivan, and the other platoon leaders stood in silence for a moment, obviously mulling over the feasibility of such a proposal.

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