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Can look at 1M record Q{ what has happt1Wd. Il )'00 Mw much t i will � worth two. thrn or jOur »E'QI'$ down the rood. can I ask yoo now to do a bit q{ crystal ball gazing? cr r¥ oil could go'! II glass ball used by some traditional fortune-tellers to pr-edict the fu· t� o A crystal bell is drop the ball If you say thai someone has dropped the ball. you are criticlzl", them for something foolish or incompetent that they have done. This expression is used mainly in American English. lAJIerty. inslrod Q{ really belns tulip/ul.

Although traditionally heid to be less blood­ thirsty than men. when their backs are against the wall women fight as hard as anyone. With my back against the walL I agreed to a hard bargain. off the back of a lorry ... If someone says that something has Callen off the back of a 101T)', or that they got something off tbe back of a lorry. they mean that they have bought something that was stolen. This expression is used in BrItish English. We bought some really excellent wine from a woman who clearly caught tM bottles as they fell off the bock of a lorry.

And full or eocllD'. ll among them. pink-chttk#d and }till beat bear 0{ broils c,[tw a far IMger smp than anybody �� had gol. H� b a likabh extrovtrr. full of beans. know how many beans make five If you say thai someone knows how many beans make five, you mean that they are in­ telligent and sensible. 'd expression, which is used In British English. y con talk niceb'. spell pr0fJ6' I)' and know hew matO' bearu rTIllM five. not amount to 8 hlll of beans not worth a row of beans If you say that something doesn't amount to a hill or beans 01'" lso't worth a hill of beans, you mean that It is completely worth­ less and insignificant.

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