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By Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

This ebook offers the foreign power Agency's authoritative information on CO2 emissions from gas combustion for greater than one hundred forty international locations for the interval 1971-2003. for every state, breakdowns are supplied by way of region and by way of gas. For comparability, an annex extends assurance to greenhouse gasoline emissions often. Emissions have been calculated utilizing IEA power databases and the default tools and emissions elements from the Revised 1996 IPCC directions for nationwide Greenhouse fuel Inventories.

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Simplifications in the Reference Approach. Certain quantities of carbon should be included in the Reference Approach because their emissions fall under fuel combustion. These quantities have been excluded where the flows are small or not represented by a major statistic available within energy data. Examples of quantities not accounted for in the Reference INTERNATIONAL ENERGY AGENCY Approach include lubricants used in two-stroke engines, blast furnace and other by-product gases which are used for fuel combustion outside their source category of production and combustion of waxed products in waste plants with heat recovery.

The IEA was tasked under the Plan of Action to develop concrete recommendations to help the G8 achieve these four objectives. Additionally, the G8 sought to engage South Africa, India, Brazil, China and Mexico in an official Dialogue to address climate change, clean energy, and sustainable development worldwide. This commitment by the G8 was reiterated at the St. Petersburg summit in July 2006 and subsequently at the 2007 summit in Heiligendamm, the 2008 summit in Hokkaido and the 2009 summit in L’Aquila.

And C. de Perthuis. 2008. The European Carbon Market in Action: Lessons from the First Trading Period, APREC research program on the ex-post evaluation of the European CO2 market, Paris. net. 29. A 30% reduction target is proposed if other Parties were to take equally ambitious mitigation objectives. 30. Annual cap: 1 974 Mt in 2013, falling in linear fashion to 1 720 Mt by 2020; average annual cap over 2013-20: 1 846 Mt (compared to an annual cap of 2 083 Mt in phase 2). CO2 EMISSIONS FROM FUEL COMBUSTION (2009 Edition) - xxxiii Table 1.

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