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By William C. Orthwein

Comfortably accumulating various formulation, analytical tools, and graphs for the layout and choice of a large choice of brakes and clutches within the automobile, airplane, farming, and production industries, this convenient reference simplifies calculations, acquaints engineers with an expansive diversity of functions, and assists within the number of parameters for particular layout demanding situations.

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Externally and Internally Pivoted Shoe Brakes 39 FIGURE 5 Geometry for calculating the moment due to friction about point A for an internal shoe brake. for internal shoes. The physical significance of the algebraic signs associated with the moment expressions derived in the preceding sections as applied to external and internal brakes is displayed in Table 1. It is may be helpful the rewrite the equations for either internal or external brakes in terms of different symbols if the use of a single set of equations for two different cases becomes too confusing.

Copyright © 2004 Marcel Dekker, Inc. Externally and Internally Pivoted Shoe Brakes Integration of equation (1-10) yields Apmax wr Mf ¼ ½Rðcos 2f1 À cos 2f2 ÞÀ 4rðcos f1 À cos f2 ފ 4ðsin fÞmax 37 ð1-11Þ Here the quantity enclosed by the square brackets determines the algebraic sign of Mf and may cause it to be zero. The physical significance of the algebraic sign for nonzero values of moment Mf depends upon the direction of rotation N of the drum. If the rotation is toward the pivot, as in Figure 4, a positive value of Mf signifies a clockwise moment about the pivot that applies the brake by forcing the shoe against the drum, which would cause self-locking.

Perspective in Powder Metallurgy. New York: Plenum Press. Reprinted from a paper by the same name and author in Progress in Powder Metallurgy, 1962, pp. 131–138. Tatarrzycki, E. , Webb, R. T. (1992). Friction and Wear of Aircraft Brakes. Vol. 18. 10th ed. ASM Handbook. Metals Park, OH: ASM International, pp. 527–582. Grayson, M. ed. (1983). Encyclopedia of Composite Materials and Components. New York: Wiley, pp. 188–221. Copyright © 2004 Marcel Dekker, Inc. 2 Band Brakes Band brakes are simpler and less expensive than most other braking devices, with shoe brakes, as perhaps their nearest rival.

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