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Of course, total integration of the production system required the organisation of huge numbers of activities and employees. The production-line technique required employees completing different jobs with varying degrees of prestige and pay, from shop-floor workers to staff specialists, and, importantly, a whole new tier of middle managers. 1 Collective consumption Theorists have drawn on the Intellectual genealogy from Marx and the Frankfurt School in order link individual agency, lifestyle and forms of sociability to structural and urban change.

Members of the School used Marx’s theory of commodity fetishism to show how cultural forms function to secure continuing economic, political and ideological dimensions of capital. Writers such as Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer and Herbert Marcuse (the work of Walter Benjamin will be discussed later in this chapter) worked on Marx’s concept of alienation and the way this emphasised how the mass production of cultural artefacts such as music and literature produced a ‘culture industry’ that integrated workers into the capitalist society.

Chapter 3 will show how consumption cultures were responsible for stimulating the development of spectacular spaces/places within the postmodern city. As with Chapter 2, there will be a focus on the relationship between consumption and archetypal identities, lifestyles, forms of sociability and urban spaces and places. This will be contextualised through literature that has presented a new stage of consumerism, based on individualised consumption, and its symbolic and aesthetic relation to the emergence of a new middle class will be discussed.

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