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By Robert Plutchik

Textual content on a mental version that makes a speciality of opting for how features and feelings are structurally related. Discusses the version and its functions in either study and scientific settings. For clinicians.

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C. Kendall & J. N. ), Handbook of research methods in clinical psychology (pp. 183-221). New York: Wiley. THE ClRCUMPLEX AS A GENERAL MODEL 45 2 THE CIRCUMPLEX MODEL APPLIED TO INTERPERSONAL BEHAVIOR, AFFECT, AND PSYCHOTIC SYNDROMES MAURICE LORR The circumplex model was first drawn to my attention about 1953. I was asked to review a funding request by Louis Guttman to the Office of Naval Research. ” Initial applications of the model by Guttman were to mental test data on measures of addition, multiplication, and division.

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