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By Clayton A. May (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0841207941

ISBN-13: 9780841207943

content material: approach automation : a rheological and chemical evaluation of thermoset curing / C.A. might, M.R. Dusi, J.S. Fritzen, D.K. Hadad, M.G. Maximovich, K.G. Thrasher, and A. Wereta, Jr. --
healing kinetics and mechanical homes of a resin matrix : results of impurities and stoichiometry / Gary L. Hagnauer, Peter J. Pearce, Bernard R. Laliberte, and Margaret E. Roylance --
Kinetics of acetylene-terminated resin treatment and its results on dynamic mechanical homes / I.J. Goldfarb, C.Y-C. Lee, and C.C. Kuo --
Acetylene-terminated resin therapies : air and nitrogen results / C.Y-C. Lee, C.C. Kuo, and I.J. Goldfarb --
Mechanism and kinetics of the curing method in a resin procedure / J. Moacanin, M. Cizmecioglu, S.D. Hong, and A. Gupta --
Moisture-temperature results at the dynamic mechanical houses of epoxy polymers / Wayne J. Mikols and James C. Seferis --
Cross-linking response of an epoxy resin with phthalic anhydride / Elbert W. Crandall and Winston Mih --
Chemiluminescence of thermosetting resins / Clarence J. Wolf, Dale L. Fanter, and Michael A. Grayson --
Poly(n-butyl methacrylate) and poly(butyl methacrylate-co-acrylic acid) movies : dried from ideas of hydrogen bonding power / Michael S. Chuu, Carl J. Knauss, Richard J. Ruch, and Raymond R. Myers --
treatment of intaglio printing inks / D.L. Hunston, J.L. Rushford, W.R. Newitt, and B.A. Vandreuil --
Curing habit of segmented polyurethane adhesives / D. Mark Hoffman --
Rheological healing transformation diagrams for comparing polymer medication dynamics / Richard J. Hinrichs --
Curing kinetics of unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins / Chang Dae Han and Kwok-Wai Lem --
Dynamic mechanical and dielectric houses of an epoxy resin in the course of medication / W.X. Zukas, W.J. Macknight, and N.S. Schneider --
Reactive platforms : finite aspect research / Craig Douglas and David Roylance --
Kinetic version of healing reactions : aids to estate and processing predictions / H.S.-Y. Hsich, R.M. Zurn, and R.J. Ambrose --
Thermosetting coatings : analytical and predictive potential by means of chemorheology / Richard R. Eley --
Predictive types as aids to thermoset resin processing / M.R. Dusi, C.A. may perhaps, and J.C. Seferis.

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Acknowledgment The authors gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Ms. Judith Brodkin for helping with the GPC and infrared spectroscopy analyses, Mr. Seth Ghiorse for fabricating the test specimens, and Mr. William Houghton and Mr. E l i Pattie for running the mechanical property and testing experiments. Literature Cited 1. 2. 3. Hagnauer, G. L . and Pearce, P. J. Org. Coat. & Appl. Polym. S c i . , Am. Chem. , 1982, 46, 580-584. Jay, R. R. Anal. , 1964, 36, 667. Gupta, A. (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA), private communication.

Process Automation RECEIVING BAR CODE ASSIGNED TO MATERIAL I CHEMICAL CHARACTERIZATION\ MECHANICA ι : — STORAGE LIFE HISTORY PART FABRICATION BAR CODE ON EACH PART CLOSED-LOOP CURE CYCIf H CENTRAL COMPUTER ACTIVE DATA I REWORK REJECT TREND ANALYSIS NDE ACCEPTANCE DECISION ACCEPT TRACEABLE PART CENTRAL COMPUTER HISTORICAL DATA F i g u r e 17. Composite Hardware C o n t r o l Concept. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1982. CHEMORHEOLOGY OF THERMOSETTING POLYMERS 24 the b a s i s o f what has been d i s c u s s e d h e r e i n and i n t h e c h a p t e r s which f o l l o w , i t i s e v i d e n t t h a t t h i s time i s c l o s e a t hand.

F i g u r e 9. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1982. 43 44 CHEMORHEOLOGY OF THERMOSETTING POLYMERS Table IV. DSC Parameters f o r the Isothermal Cure o f TGMDA R e s i n / ea. 47 at 177°C DDS Formulations eq. 0 Mechanical T e s t i n g . Mechanical s t r e n g t h and s t i f f n e s s parameters o f the d r i e d specimens before and a f t e r the post-cure treatment are compared i n Table V. V a r i a t i o n s i n s t o i c h i o m e t r y and i m p u r i t y l e v e l s are achieved u s i n g d i f f e r e n t TGMDA r e s i n s and by v a r y i n g the %DDS.

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