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By Jorge Canestri (auth.), José Guimón, Sara Zac de Filc (eds.)

During dialogue of psychoanalysis and digital fact within the new millennium, it was once envisioned that during the following century the diversities among the wakeful, subconscious, and the pre-conscious should be reconsidered in view of the ever-expanding strategies created by way of digital truth. there'll be digital sexual acts over the net, ovum parthenogenesis could be attainable with out the intervention of the male, and clonic replica of the man or woman could be conducted within the laboratory. the kid born in those conditions will relate to a widening array of power parental figures: the vintage heterosexual couple, the single-parent relatives, the gay couple, the transsexual determine, and so forth. All this may in fact adjust the vintage Oedipal constellation and absolutely the gender identification of the kid.

There may be makes an attempt to suffer psychoanalysis through the web within the similar approach that other forms of psychotherapy are being virtualized. yet it will strength us to redefine transference. nonetheless, it sort of feels most likely that psychoanalysis as a psychotherapeutic software will, within the twenty first century, relate extra to somatic, scientific sufferers or to the `worried good' than to psychiatric sufferers. those short issues at the scope of our deliberations ultimately clarify the variety of this ebook, but in addition justify its curiosity.

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Firstly, I would say that in order to draw someone's attention to a virtual object, you need to choose an object which will particularly awaken the interest of that person. This happened with Jacques who was attracted to the little pig he wanted to play with, and for this reason he felt frustrated and disappointed. Then Jacques was troubled because he felt trapped in an alternative in which each aspect was as troubling as the other: either he is disappointed at not being able to touch a little pig which has no reality and escapes; or he squeezes a real little pig in his hand which he does not want to escape.

I also see the risk of an excess of realism when one tries to capture transferential phenomena so as to objectify and prove that psychoanalysis has a true scientific basis. For example, the tape recording of a session remains for me as illusory as trying to grasp a virtual image with the hand in order to ascertain that it exists. I also see the psychoanalyst running the risk of an excess of realism in the idea that shorter therapies with one or two sessions a week, face to face, would result in the development of a transference process identical to that of psychoanalysis, which necessitates four to five sessions a week, with the patient lying on a couch.

Thus an unprecedented equation is added on, tending to erase the boundaries between fantasy and reality and between the sexes. , whatever his or her real gender and identity, the cybergeek may change his or hers at whim. These changes in identity have led distinguished female writers (Oelzer, 1997; Palac, 1998; Turkle, 1997) who have experimented with cybersex to draw some remarkable conclusions: real life is composed of males and females and - this is the interesting point - no value judgment can be made about the superiority of one over the other.

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