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His nose is engaged in smelling the spiritual aroma of the lotus feet of the Lord. Similarly, his ears are engaged in hearing messages from Vaiku‹àha, and his hands embrace the lotus feet of the Lord and His associates. Thus the Lord is manifested to a pure devotee from within and without. This is one of the mysteries of the devotional relationship in which a devotee and the Lord are bound by a tie of spontaneous love. To achieve this love should be the goal of life for every living being. TEXT 56 TEXT et•vad eva jij‘•sya‰ tattva-jij‘•sun•tmana„ anvaya-vyatirek•bhy•‰ yat sy•t sarvatra sarvad• SYNONYMS et•vat--up to this; eva--certainty; jij‘•syam--to be inquired about; tattva--of the Absolute Truth; jij‘•sun•--by the student; •tmana„--of the Self; anvaya--directly; vyatirek•bhy•m--and indirectly; yat--whatever; sy•t-it may be; sarvatra--everywhere; sarvad•--always.

This will produce an effect subversive of transcendental realization. As mentioned previously, a disciple should always respect the spiritual master as a manifestation of ¥r† K”£‹a, but at the same time one should always remember that a spiritual master is never authorized to imitate the transcendental pastimes of the Lord. False spiritual masters pose themselves as identical with ¥r† K”£‹a in every respect to exploit the sentiments of their disciples, but such impersonalists can only mislead their disciples, for their ultimate aim is to become one with the Lord.

TRANSLATION I offer my obeisances unto all my Vai£‹ava readers as I begin to explain the intricacies of all these verses. TEXT 31 TEXT sakala vai£‹ava, ¤una kari' eka-mana caitanya-k”£‹era ¤•stra-mata-nirãpa‹a SYNONYMS sakala--all; vai£‹ava--O devotees of the Lord; ¤una--please hear; kari'-making; eka-mana--rapt attention; caitanya--Lord Caitanya Mah•prabhu; k”£‹era-of Lord ¥r† K”£‹a; ¤•stra--scriptural reference; mata--according to; nirãpa‹a--decision. 31 TRANSLATION I request all my Vai£‹ava readers to read and hear with rapt attention this narration of ¥r† K”£‹a Caitanya as inculcated in the revealed scriptures.

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