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The meaning of this mantra is that before creation there was no existence of Brahm• or ¥iva, for only Vi£‹u existed. Vi£‹u exists in His abode, the Vaiku‹àhas. There are innumerable Vaiku‹àha planets in the spiritual sky, and on each of them Vi£‹u resides with His associates and His paraphernalia. It is also confirmed in the Bhagavad-g†t• that although the creation is periodically dissolved, there is another abode, which is never dissolved. The word "creation" refers to the material creation because in the spiritual world everything exists eternally and there is no creation or dissolution.

Darkness comes when the sunshine is blocked. For example, if one stands facing the sun, his back will be in darkness. Since darkness stands in the absence of the sun, it is therefore relative to the sun. The spiritual world is compared to the real sunshine, and the material world is compared to the dark regions where the sun is not visible. When the material manifestation appears very wonderful, this is due to a perverted reflection of the supreme sunshine, the Absolute Truth, as confirmed in the Ved•nta-sãtra.

These M•y•v•d†s are very proud of their grammatical knowledge, but any person who has actual knowledge of grammar can understand that aham means "I" and that "I" refers to a personality. Therefore the Personality of Godhead, speaking to Brahm•, uses aham while describing His own transcendental form. Aham has a specific meaning; it is not a vague term that can be whimsically interpreted. Aham, when spoken by K”£‹a, refers to the Supreme Personality of Godhead and nothing else. Before the creation and after its dissolution, only the Supreme Personality of Godhead and His associates exist; there is no existence of the material elements.

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