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By John R. Abrahams, Mauro Lollo

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ISBN-13: 9781580534970

In case you have the accountability to layout, improve and deal with info networks to hold IP Telephony (voice, video and data); need assistance in comparing competing IP-Centrex and IP-PBX platforms; or desire assistance in specifying the parameters for a provider point contract for IP-Centrex, this designated reference provide you with the information you must get the task performed correct. It helps you to extra effectively estimate the time and assets had to enforce IP Telephony on your association. The publication describes the IP-Centrex choice of getting the phone corporation take accountability for the carrier supply and gives the type of info carrier services have to enhance advertising and marketing and revenues campaigns for IP-Centrex providers.

This special source is helping you current your company’s telecom services, and provides a greater knowing of the pluses and minuses of aggressive revenues displays. It comprises precis descriptions of 14 IP telephony structures at the world’s industry, whereas truly making a choice on the benefits and downsides of IP-Centrex. There are distinctive monetary analyses of 3 reasonable case experiences, including descriptions of the way Centrex is utilized in a number of organisations.

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The IP-Centrex service providers cannot expect to generate revenue from the rental of IP phones in the future, because these will become commodity items and will be mostly purchased from highly competitive retailers. A two-level market in IP phones has developed as the less-demanding users’ needs can be met by generic sets that implement just the requirements of the SIP standard. At the higher level of sophistication, manufacturers add their own features on top of SIP and therefore create proprietary sets that cost significantly more.

Personalized features will involve customization at the endpoint, with an intelligent device. These include features such as call blocking of specific codes or numbers, user-specific icons or audio interfaces, and caller-identifying ring patterns. Hosted Internet protocol (HIP) telephony is an almost ideal application service provider business model, in that voice services do not involve customization for particular vertical markets. At the same time, other applications, such as CRM and enterprise resource planning (ERP) can be attached to the voice services and tailored to specific industries.

Four of the service types that are summarized in the following sections are worthy of further consideration. 4 kHz that is generally available for audio telephone signals. , PBX or CO) and, because of high attenuation at the higher frequencies, the usable range is limited to a few miles over the standard 24 American Wire Gauge (AWG) copper wire. 4. Clearly, the available bit rate is inversely proportional to the distance from the CO. In the customer’s premises the DSL modem provides an Ethernet interface to the internal LAN, while at the serving carrier’s site the DSL terminates on a digital subscriber line access multiplexer (DSLAM), which is linked directly to the IP or ATM WAN on the trunk side.

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