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By William Clark

William Clark was once Professor of Anatomy at Cambridge for almost fifty years, gathering many specimens of bones to be used within the research of comparative anatomy, body structure and osteology. those shaped a important a part of the gathering that at last turned the university's Museum of Zoology. He wanted to help scholars of ordinary sciences in buying wisdom from direct statement of good prepared and thoroughly pointed out specimens. The 1,289 goods, catalogued in 1862, contain 128 from people of assorted races and dates. those contain mask of the faces of Isaac Newton, William Pitt and Benjamin Franklin. This concentration displays, partly, the nineteenth-century fascination with phrenology. a typical player within the influential Cambridge Philosophical Society, in could 1860 William Clark made there what Darwin appeared to be a 'savage onslaught' on his lately released at the beginning of Species. This publication finds Clark's very diversified method of learning the tree of lifestyles.

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OTIDINJE. Bustards. Head, imperfect, of an unknown foreign species. Presented by Prof. Clark. 32 BIRDS. Family X. PROCERI. Genus Dromaius. VIEILLOT. Dromaius novae Hollandice. LATH. Ostrich, or Emeu. The New Holland 362. 363. 364. Skeleton, imperfect in the toes. Macartney collection. Skeleton. ] Presented by Prof. Clark. Left foot, dried. Harwood collection. The following seven specimens were presented by the Cambridge Philosophical Society, in whose Museum the skin of the bird from which they were taken is preserved.

MAMMALS. 532. Right hind foot, dried. 533. l 534. Left hind foot, dried. } 47 Presented by Prof. Clark. P *»eilted by *"* ^ Macropus (Species uncertain). 535. Bones of a young animal, incomplete. Macartney collection. Cervical vertebrae ... 7. Dorsal do. 13. Lumbar do. 6. Sacral do. 2. Caudal do. 13 (the rest are •wanting). 536. Head of a small species. ] Presented by Prof. Clark. Genus Hypsiprymnus. Hysiprymnus murinus. ILLIG. ILLIGER. The PotOtOO, or Rat- Kangaroo. Cervical vertebrae ... 7.

Presented by Prof. Clark. BIRDS. 21 Anas, variety domestica. L. 227. 228. Sternum. ) Presented by Prof. Clark, Anas arcuala. 229. CUVIER. A stuffed specimen. Presented by Thos. D. Genus Spatula. BOIB. Spatula dypeata. BOIE. The Blue-winged Shovel-Bill. 230. Young male, stuffed. Presented by J. W. A. Trin. Coll. 231. Head. Presented by Prof. Clark. Genus Querqueduia. Querquedula crecca. 232. 233. 234. 235. STEPHENS. STEPH. The Teal. Skeleton. Presented by Prof. Clark. Head. Head reversed, to show the inferior surface.

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