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By James A. Peters, Braulio Orejas-Miranda, Roberto Donoso-Barros

Pp. (6), 347, 25, (v-viii), 293; a hundred+ text-figures (line-drawings). unique eco-friendly stiff wrappers, lettered in white at the backbone and entrance conceal, quarto. half I provides the snakes and half II covers Lizards and Amphisbaenians. this can be a revised variation of the unique half set issued in 1970 as usa nationwide Museum Bulletin, no. 297. New fabric has been further to either elements by means of P. E. Vanzolini. certain keys are supplied to all species. No possession marks and no symptoms of use.

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Light hitting this layer bounces back through the shark’s eye, striking the retina twice and effectively doubling the shark’s night vision. This effect is what creates the familiar “eyeshine” of cats and other terrestrial night stalkers. * Avoiding predators is no less a priority than is catching prey. Be it in an ocean, lake, or stream, fishes use a variety of visual techniques to get the upper fin. For those living in the shallows, for example, the underside of the water surface acts as a mirror.

In any event, most fishes’ blood does not run cold. Fishes are ectothermic, meaning that their body temperatures are governed by outside factors, notably the water they are living in. If they live in warm tropical waters, their blood runs warm; if they live in the frigid reaches of the ocean depths or the polar regions, as many fishes do, then their body temperatures hover around freezing. But even that description falls short. Tunas, swordfishes, and some sharks are partly endothermic—they can maintain body temperatures warmer than their surroundings.

But how do they know an intruder isn’t merely a lemon damsel? The researchers had a hunch that vision was still somehow playing a role. It turns out each species has a different facial pattern visible only in the UV light spectrum. When researchers shone a UV light on them, the damsels’ faces revealed attractive patterns of dots and arcs resembling a fingerprint, which differed between species in a subtle (to humans) but consistent way. Tested for their recognition skills in captivity, the fishes could reliably indicate correct choices by tapping a picture of their own species with their mouths in return for a food reward.

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