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By Mark Stensaas

Warblers, wolves, and whirligig beetles-the creatures of the canoe nation come alive in Canoe state Wildlife. during this read-aloud-treasure, "Sparky" Stensaas, naturalist and storyteller, intrigues readers together with his stories of assembly the wooded area inhabitants-from tiny toads to majestic moose. every one web page describes those creatures and their conduct appropriately so you will be aware of the place and while to seem for them. particular line drawings illustrate every one animal in actual fact so you are going to realize what you are seeing.

Written for the curious naturalist in every one people, Canoe state Wildlife takes readers a tremendous step past box courses. it is strong analyzing sooner than, in the course of, and after a visit via canoe state.

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This bluff can come in handy when dealing with unruly neighbors. Meat on the Hoof Don't pity a healthy Moose surrounded by a pack of wolves. One well-placed kick with a sharp hoof can crush a wolfs skull. Wolves, though, have the uncanny knack of singling out sick, old, and weakened animals that to you or me would look perfectly healthy. If the prey Is brought down, Timber Wolves choke down 1<3 to 20 pounds of meat (nearly a quarter of their own weight), then take a long nap (15 to 20 hours). Wolves even crack open bones to get at the edible marrow.

Historically, the Ojibwa called this bird mahng. In the Ojibwa creation story, Mahng dives deep into the water and succeeds in raising part of the flooded earth after Otter, Beaver, and Muskrat have failed. Mahng was one of the largest totems, or clans. People of the mahng totem claimed to be of the chief family, and pointed to the loon's "necklace" as proof. The necklace resembled the megis (seashell) necklace worn exclusively by chiefs. BIRDS Let's learn loon language Common Loons use four distinct calls to communicate.

So by papal decree the Beaver wae> officially declared a fish, and the voyageurs could eat It any day of the week. 27 CANOE COUNTRY WILDLIFE 3 x Beaver Many Stetson cowboy hats are still made of leaver-fur felt. Look for the "3x" to "20x" inside, which denotes the amount of Beaver hair used in the hat. The higher the "x" value the higher the percentage of leaver hair mixed in to make the felt. The National Park Service has recently switched to using Nutria fur for their ranger hats. Nutria are South American rodents which are fur-farmed in the southeast United States.

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