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By William C. Burton

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"The 5th version of the vintage, go-to reference for everybody within the occupation of legislation . up to date with 1,000 crucial new terms--from "Super PAC" to "same intercourse marriage"The first publication of its variety whilst it used to be first released in 1980, Burton's has develop into a staple between legal professionals, judges, paralegals, legislation scholars, and somebody else in legislation. Now, this 5th variation celebrates 35 years of this special legislations reference Read more...


With 11,000 felony phrases, synonyms, definitions, and components of speech, this e-book is acceptable for: companions, affiliates, lawyers, and judges, who appreciates the timeliness of the 1,000-plus entries; Read more...

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Unless the entire law has been examined, it is improper to pass judgment upon a single portion of it. Nemo ex consilio obligatur. No one is obligated as a consequence of giving advice. Simplex commendatio non obligat. A mere recommendation is not binding. ADVICE OF COUNSEL, noun advice of legal counsel, communication of legal knowledge, recommendation of counsel, rendering of legal advice, representation Generally: advisement, consultation, direction, guidance, opinion ADVISABLE, adjective acceptable, advantageous, advisory, appropriate, becoming, befitting, commendable, congruous, desirable, expedient, favorable, feasible, fit, fitting, judicious, opportune, profitable, proper, prudent, recommendable, seemly, sensible, suitable, wise, worthy ADVISE, verb advocate, alert, apprise, auctorem esse, caution, coach, communicate, confer with, consiliari, consilium dare, consult with, convey, counsel, direct, enlighten, express, familiarize, forewarn, give advice, give an opinion, give counsel, give information, give notice, give one to understand, give suggestions, give warning, guide, homini suadere, impart, inform, intimate, make known, mention, notify, offer an opinion, offer counsel, opine, prescribe, propose, recommend, remind, represent, reprove, submit, suggest, warn ASSOCIATED CONCEPTS: advisory opinion, declaratory judgment FOREIGN PHRASES: Consilia multorum quaeruntur in magnis.

AGENDA, noun blueprint, business, business affairs, business on hand, calendar, docket, items of business, legal program, main business, matters to be attended to, order, order of the day, plan, planning, procedure, program of business, program of operation, proposal, proposed action, proposition, schedule, schedule of affairs, scheme AGENT, noun alternate, appointee, assistant, delegate, emissary, envoy, functionary, go-between, intermediary, intermediate, intermedium, mediary, medium, middleman, negotiant, negotiator, procurator, proxy, representative, solicitor, substitute ASSOCIATED CONCEPTS: agent to accept process, authorization of an agent, bailee, common agent, employee, escrow agent, general agent, implied agent, independent contractor, insurance broker, joint venture, managing agent, master-servant relationship, owner-operator relationship, partnership, principal-agent relationship, real estate agent, real estate broker, special agent, subagents, undisclosed agency, warranty of authority FOREIGN PHRASES: Idem agens et patiens esse non potest.

ADVISOR, noun advocate, agent, ally, attorney, backer, cabinet, champion, cohort, confidant, consigliore, consultant, counsel, counselor, defender, espouser, friend, guide, interceder, legal advisor, legal practitioner, mentor, negotiator, patron, promoter, protector, representative, spokesperson, supporter ADVISORY, adjective cautionary, communicatory, consulting, counseling, directing, enlightening, expressive of opinion, guiding, inducive, instructing, recommendatory, suggesting ASSOCIATED CONCEPTS: advisory board, advisory opinion, advisory referendum ADVOCACY, noun active espousal, advancement, advice, aid, approbation, approval, assistance, auspices, backing, championship, constructive criticism, countenance, defense, encouragement, endorsement, forceful persuasion, furtherance, guidance, help, intercession, interest, patronage, plea, praise, promotion, recommendation, sanction, seconding, sponsorship, subscription, suggestion, support, vindication, vouching, warranting ADVOCATE (Counselor), noun advisor, apologist, attorney, attorney-at-law, barrister, barrister-at-law, champion, counsel learned in the law, counselor-at-law, defender, friend at court, friend in court, interagent, interceder, intercessor, interlocutor, intermediary, intermediate, intermediate agent, intermediator, intermedium, internuncio, intervener, interventionist, interventor, jurisconsult, jurist, justifier, lawyer, learned counsel, legal advisor, legal practitioner, legal representative, legate, legist, maintainer, man of law, mediator, medium, member of the legal profession, mover, negotiant, negotiator, one called to the bar, paraclete, patron, patronus, pleader, proctor, prompter, protector, representative, seconder, solicitor, spokesman, spokeswoman, suasor, upholder, votary ADVOCATE (Espouser), noun abettor, adherent, apologist, auctor, backer, champion, countenancer, defender, encourager, exponent, expounder, favorer, maintainer, partisan, patron, promoter, propagandist, propagator, proponent, seconder, sectary, spokesman, spokeswoman, support, supporter, sympathizer, upholder, votary ASSOCIATED CONCEPTS: advocate the abolishment of the death sentence, advocate the commission of a crime, advocate the overthrow of government ADVOCATE, verb advise, allege in support, approve, argue for, assert, back, champion, commend, consent, contend for, counsel, defend, endorse, espouse, exhort, favor, give advice, plead for, plead in favor of, plead one’s case, plead one’s cause, prescribe, promote, prompt, propose, propound, recommend, sanction, second, speak in favor of, suadere, subscribe to, suggest, support, uphold, urge ASSOCIATED CONCEPTS: advocate the commission of a crime, advocate the overthrow of government AEGIS, noun advocacy, aid, auspices, backing, care, championship, countenance, custody, defense, encouragement, fosterage, guaranty, guard, guidance, influence, interest, patronage, protection, safeguard, safekeeping, shelter, shield, sponsorship, support, surety, tutelage AESTHETIC, adjective artistic, cultured, discriminative, ornamental, refined, tasteful AFFAIR, noun activity, adventure, avocation, circumstance, duty, employment, enterprise, event, function, happening, incident, interest, matter, occasion, occupation, occurrence, profession, pursuit, subject, transaction, undertaking, work AFFAIRS, noun activities, concerns, interests, matters, proceedings, pursuits, topics, transactions AFFECT, verb act on, adficere, bear upon, cause to alter, cause to vary, change, commovere, conduce, exert influence, have an effect upon, have influence, impress, induce, influence, introduce a change, make a change, play a direct part, prevail upon, produce a change, produce an effect, superinduce, tangere, transfigure, work a change, work upon ASSOCIATED CONCEPTS: affect an action, affected with public interest, affecting a substantial right AFFECTING, adjective affected, agitating, altering, changing, emended, exciting, inviting, modifying, moving, potent, provocative, provoking, stirring, touching, transforming AFFECTION, noun admiration, adoration, amorousness, ardor, attachment, closeness, devotion, enchantment, endearment, excitation of feeling, fancy, feeling, 21 AFFIANT fervency, fervor, firm attachment, fondness, fullness of heart, inclination, infatuation, kindness, love, mutual attraction, partiality, passion, penchant, pietas, popular regard, predisposition, proneness, regard, sentiment, sentimental attachment, sentimentality, state of excitement, tender feeling, tender passion, tenderness, understanding, warmth, zealous attachment ASSOCIATED CONCEPTS: alienation of affection AFFIANT, noun attestant, attester, deponent, signer, subscriber, swearer, testifier, voucher AFFIDAVIT, noun affirmation under oath, assertory oath, attested statement, averment, avouchment, avowal, avowance, confirmation under oath, declaration under oath, evidence on oath, instrument in proof, solemn affirmation, statement, statement under oath, sworn evidence, sworn statement, testification under oath, testimonium per tabulas datum, voluntary attestment under oath, written declaration upon oath, written statement under oath ASSOCIATED CONCEPTS: affidavit of defense, affidavit of demand, affidavit of judicial power, affidavit of merit, affidavit of service, affidavit to advise the court of a right or on an issue, affidavit to hold to bail, affirmation, verified deposition, verified pleading AFFILIATE, noun arm, assistant, associate, auxiliary, branch, branch organization, chapter, colleague, component, division, offshoot, subdivision, subsidiary, wing AFFILIATE, verb ally, associate, attach, belong to, bring into close connection, bring into close relation, cement a union, confederate, connect, consociate, embrace, federalize, federate, form a connection, join, join forces, join together, make common cause, pertain to, relate to, unite AFFILIATED, adjective allied, associated, closely allied, closely related, confederated, connected, coupled, federated, incorporated, intimately allied, intimately related, joined with, leagued, linked, related, united ASSOCIATED CONCEPTS: affiliated association, affiliated company, affiliated corporation, affiliated firm, affiliated organization AFFILIATION (Amalgamation), noun aggregation, alliance, association, centralization, coalition, combination, confederacy, confederation, consortium, corporation, embodiment, federation, fusion, integration, league, merger, unification, union, unity, voluntary association AFFILIATION (Bloodline), noun agnation, ancestry, apparentation, blood relation, blood relationship, common derivation, consanguinity, descent, family, family connection, family tie, filiality, filiation, heredity, kindred, kinfolk, kinship, kinsmen, line of descent, lineage, next of kin, origin, parentage, relation, relationship, ties of blood, ties of race ASSOCIATED CONCEPTS: affiliation proceedings, paternity proceedings AFFILIATION (Connectedness), noun alignment, appositeness, apposition, association, band of union, bond, coaction, coadjuvancy, coalition, colleagueship, combination, concert, conjunction, connection, consociation, copartnership, coworking, friendly association, implication, inclusion, intimate connection, involvement, joint enterprise, link, linkage, membership, participation, partnership, relation, relationship AFFINITY (Family ties), noun affiliation, ancestry, blood relative, brethren, clan, cognation, common ancestry, 22 connection, consanguinitas, consanguinity, family, family connection, filiation, heritage, kindred, kinship, lineage, linkage, necessitudo, offspring, parentage, propinquitas, relation, relation by blood, relationship, tribe ASSOCIATED CONCEPTS: challenge to a prospective juror based on affinity FOREIGN PHRASES: Affinis mei affinis non est mihi affinis.

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