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Consistent with this framework, the criteria for the selection of grassroots clients and NGOs were established. WEMTOP would support the management training of those grassroots women entrepreneurs who had existing or potential access to credit and skill training. NGOs participating in WEMTOP should already have been involved in supporting women's income generating activities and have the capacity to facilitate the provision of credit and skill training from other sources, although they would have little or no capacity to provide enterprise management training.

Although Udyogini was primarily set up to cope with the management burden that the WEMTOP training delivery mechanism implied, the SC felt it was an opportunity to turn it into an organization with a long-term vision to serve poor women microentrepreneurs in India. Ela Bhatt guided the SC (which subsequently became the Executive Committee of Udyogini) in articulating a long-term vision for Udyogini. ''7 These producer organizations, it hopes, will be eventually linked through federations at the local and national levels.

The framework of most donor projects, the SC members also suggested, is rarely challenged. Given this context, the idea of a participatory, decentralized project, requiring considerable assertiveness on their part was, perhaps, new and, to some extent, confusing. India The evolution of the SC in India was characterized by a level of activism and magnitude of effort and initiative, which propelled WEMTOP forward with unusual speed and in directions that were not anticipated by EDI, but which enhanced the sustainability of the program.

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