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Gene's ebook addresses the common challenge of all copywriting: easy methods to write a headline .

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To be first. And it happens quite often today. Sometimes because of a technological breakthrough—creating a new product (women's hair sprays), or a radically better product (longplaying records), or a familiar product at an explosively low price (the Model T Ford). And sometimes, such a brand-new market is created by the insight of an advertising man, dealing with an already-established product. In this case, the ad man visualizes the application of the product to an entirely different market (the switch, in the Twenties, of Ovaltine from an aid for insomnia to a body builder for skinnv children).

It is simply common sense that the more of vour storv vou can force your prospect to read, the more thoroughly you can sell him. To attempt to do the same selling job in ten words, instead of a hundred, or a thousand, is to shoot craps with vour clients money. You might as well bnv only enough space to print vour headline, and use the rest of the budget for repeat insertions. It is the copy writer's job to force the prospect to read his client's full story—not just a skimmed version of it. Only to prospects actively seeking the client's specific brand-name product, and in a case where you can offer them a special price reduction, can your headline do the full selling job.

You have seen them afterwards. Pitiful shells. The zest gone, the fire gone. Burnt-out furnaces of energy. "He was such a healthy-looking man " He was. His health was his undoing. His constitution absorbed punishment. Otherwise he might have been warned in time. " You learned the law in physics. It applies to bodies. For every ounce of energy gained bv stimulation, bv whipping the nerves to action, an ounce of reserve strength is drained . . But repeated withdrawals exhaust anv reserve. Physical bankruptcy.

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