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By Leif Wenar

Average assets like oil and minerals are the biggest resource of unaccountable strength on this planet. Petrocrats like Putin and the Saudis spend source cash on guns and oppression; militants in Iraq and within the Congo spend source funds on radicalization and ammunition. Resource-fueled authoritarians and extremists current unending crises to the West-and the resource in their source energy is eventually usual shoppers, doing their daily procuring on the gasoline station and the mall.

In this sweeping new ebook, considered one of ultra-modern prime political philosophers, Leif Wenar, is going in the back of the headlines looking for the hidden worldwide rule that thwarts democracy and development-and that places consumers into company with a few of contemporary most deadly males. Wenar discovers a rule that when approved the slave alternate and apartheid and genocide, a rule whose abolition has marked a few of humanity's maximum triumphs-yet a rule that also enflames tyranny and conflict and terrorism via latest multi-trillion buck source trade.

Blood Oil shows how the West can now lead a calm revolution by way of finishing its dependence on authoritarian oil, and through getting shoppers into chapter 11 with the lads of blood. The booklet describes useful recommendations for upgrading international exchange: for selecting new principles that might make us safer at domestic, extra relied on in another country, and higher in a position to remedy urgent worldwide difficulties like weather swap. Blood Oil exhibits voters, shoppers and leaders how we will be able to act jointly at the present time to create a extra united human destiny.

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The countries that have the most oil are not the countries that use the most oil: about 60 percent of the oil that is used in the world crosses an in­ ternational border. The world’s “artery of oil reserves” starts in Siberia, is widest in the Middle East, snakes through Africa, and then arcs up from Brazil to Canada. 33 Canada is by far the biggest source of oil imports to the United States, followed by Saudi Arabia, and then by Mexico and Venezuela. Shale in the United States has boosted domestic oil (and even more domestic gas) production remarkably since 2009, meaning that US imports have recently decreased rapidly.

But let’s focus on the money that ends up in the hands of these few men. The money that goes to these men wins them unaccountable power: power unchecked by law or custom or con­ science. This is an old story that we know—power corrupts, absolutely power corrupts—and Part I of the book registers the divisive force of unaccount­ able power in the different forms of the resource curse. The few men divide and rule in various ways; sometimes they divide and kill. Part I (“Them vs. Them”) shows how deep the divisions in these foreign lands can go.

Fortu­ nately, the world is ready for a change. The book’s counter-narrative is a story of counter-power and transfor­ mation. Unchecked power sets the first scene of many familiar dramas that end in triumph; the victory over power has been won many times before. Some of the victories are told in our history books; others code our experi­ ence so completely now that we do not even remember—like the experiences of early childhood—what we were like before we changed. Half of the chal­ lenge of overcoming the divisions of today’s resource trade is understanding their origins.

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