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By Annie Reiner

Together with his idea of “O,” Wilfred Bion supplied a brand new psychoanalytic house during which to discover the brain.

Bion and Being: ardour and the inventive Mind examines the similarities among this psychoanalytic area and the artist’s inventive sensibility, in addition to mystical and spiritual states. This such a lot mysterious and progressive of Bion’s analytic rules displays what's primarily a country of being, an event of psychological integrity and union among emotional and rational features of the brain that's the root of considering and creativity. with a view to offer emotional knowing to Bion’s theoretical rules, Dr Reiner makes use of examples of artists, poets, writers, theologians, and philosophers--including Rilke, cummings, Shakespeare, Beckett, and Nietzsche--to illustrate those psychoanalytic options. She additionally offers designated scientific examples of patient’s desires to discover the hindrances to those states of being, in addition to easy methods to paintings clinically to advance entry to those inventive states.

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Describes the fear of suspending contact with the sensual world in favour of this numinous realm. One braves these dangers, however, because of a need for truth, which is felt to be essential to one’s existence. But we who have need of those huge mysteries, we who can sometimes draw up from wellsprings of sadness rejoicing and progress, how could we exist without them? Is the old tale pointless that tells how music began in the midst of the mourning for Linos, piercing the arid numbness and, in that stunned space where an almost godlike youth had suddenly stopped existing, made emptiness vibrate in ways that thrill us, comfort us, help us now?

The mother unable to provide an emotional container for primitive feelings, for instance, leaves the child with no way to process them into thought and so develop his mind. Fairbairn also indicated that the id was included in the ego from the beginning. The ego was the source of impulses and tension rather SELF AND OTHER: PASSION AND PLAY IN ANALYSIS AND ART 21 than, as Freud believed, a structure that developed on the surface of the psyche to regulate id impulses (Fairbairn, 1944, p. 88). Mental health, in other words, is not a replacement of id by ego, as suggested by Freud’s famous dictum, “Where id is, there shall ego be” (1933a, p.

This intercourse between being and nonbeing is expressed in Bion’s discussion of the “no-thing”, which, in fact, represents a thing, or, rather, the space for an absent thing. It is an idea or thought of a thing, originally the thought of an absent mother, which, according to Bion, is the origin of thought itself. It is a mind that can act as a container for the thought which has suddenly come into existence to be thought. These ideas resonate with the first of Rilke’s (1912b) Duino Elegies. In the extract below, Rilke describes the kind of listening one needs if one is going to hear “God’s” voice.

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