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By Robert Langs

The 1st in-depth psychoanalytic examine of the previous and New Testaments, Beyond Yahweh and Jesus facilities on God's function in allowing people to deal with demise and the anxieties it inspires. Yahweh is noticeable as tending to extend instead of decrease those demise anxieties, whereas Christ bargains near-perfect options to every kind. Why, then, asks Dr. Langs, has Christ didn't convey peace to the area? Langs' resolution is concentrated on what's, he argues, Western religion's loss of a deep knowing of human psychology―i.e., a scarcity of the mental knowledge had to complement the non secular knowledge of faith. it is a void bemoaned as early because the mid-1800s through the Archbishop Temple and by way of Carl Jung within the early twentieth century.

The trip on which Langs' research embarks leads via an exam of the similar subject matters of data acquisition and divine knowledge; the failure of psychoanalysis to supply faith with the psychology it must satisfy its venture; and a suite of propositions which are meant to convey mental knowledge to faith and thereby to start up the 3rd bankruptcy within the heritage of God, within which a refashioned morality and clean divine knowledge play striking roles. at the same time, the ebook bargains a origin for secular kinds of spirituality and morality, in addition to for human efforts to deal with dying and its incumbent anxieties. The challenge of this e-book is a lofty yet helpful one: to reinvigorate faith with new dimensions and insights in an effort to empower it, in the end, to aid convey peace to the area, either separately and jointly.

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I shall return to this conjecture later on. EVE'S CHOICE We come back now to Eve and her transformational moment of decision making. Her conflicted choice is between a faith-based life of divine ignorance that will allow her to live endless years in paradise and a knowledge-based life that brings death down upon her along with the burden of going against God's edict and thereby sinning against him and inviting his punishment. Given her-and Adam's-loss of innocence inherent in her second choice, it also seems likely that they will be expelled from paradise if they eat the forbidden fruit.

The adaptive study of archetypes suggests that these sexual awakenings presage and prepare humans for their eventual confrontation with death and its attendant anxieties and issuesa point I shall soon make regarding Adam and Eve. " (Gen 3: 16) This punishment is, of course, related to the consequences of sexual intercourse, but there are several other implications to this penalty. For one, it pertains to bringing life into the world, which God now makes more painful than before. As an archetype, it suggests that divine wisdom involves an awareness of the process of giving life and that this wisdom also makes life giving especially difficult to bear.

We can see that acquiring this kind of knowledge can cause a measure of anxiety even as it becomes the means through which human beings are able to experience a richer state of existence and cope better with life's inevitable challenges. The anxious, archetypal quest for separation and individuation is as much a part of today's life as it was a part of the implied struggles of Adam and Eve ages ago. How many of us, in fear of the threats posed by relative independence, choose to remain merged with a parent or with others who cause us undue pain for the seeming protection so gained?

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