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By Peter S. Wenz

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On any given evening cable television information will let us know how polarized American politics is: Republicans are from Mars, Democrats are from Canada. yet in truth, writes Peter Wenz in past purple and Blue, americans don't divide smartly into ideological camps of red/blue, Republican/Democrat, right/left. In genuine lifestyles, as Wenz indicates, varied ideologies can converge on yes matters; humans from the best and left can help an identical coverage for various purposes. therefore, for instance, libertarian-leaning Republicans can oppose the Patriot Act’s encroachment on own freedom and social conservatives can help homosexual marriage due to the fact it strengthens the establishment of marriage.

Wenz maps out twelve political philosophies—ranging from theocracy and free-market conservatism to feminism and cosmopolitanism—on which american citizens draw while taking political positions. He then turns his concentration to a couple of America’s so much debatable matters and indicates how ideologically various coalitions can emerge on such hot-button subject matters as extending existence via man made skill, the battle on medications, the struggle on terrorism, affirmative motion, abortion, same-sex marriage, healthiness care, immigration, and globalization.

Awareness of those twelve political philosophies, Wenz argues, might help activists enlist allies, electorate larger comprehend politics and elections, and we all outline our personal political identities.

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