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By Min-Tze Liong

ISBN-10: 3319231820

ISBN-13: 9783319231822

This booklet specializes in using microorganisms when it comes to agriculture, aquaculture and similar fields, starting from biofertilizers to fowl creation. the most recent thoughts also are incorporated to supply insights into the limitless potentials of microorganisms in those areas.

Individual chapters discover subject matters equivalent to probiotics in bird, biopurification of wastewater, changing agrowastes into value-added functions and items, rice cultivation, surfactants and bacteriocin as biopreservatives, bioplastics, crop productiveness, biofloc, and the creation of common antibiotics. This quantity might be of specific curiosity to scientists, policymakers and commercial practitioners operating within the fields of agriculture, aquaculture and public health.

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1994). Borja and Banks (1994b, 1995b) have also utilized anaerobic filter for POME treatment. In general, anaerobic filter is capable of treating wastewaters to give good effluent quality with at least 70 % of COD removal efficiency with methane composition of more than 50 % (Poh and Chong 2009). Investigations have been done on the application of anaerobic fluidized bed reactor to treat cutting-oil wastewater (Perez et al. 2007); real textile wastewater (Sen and Demirer 2003); wine and distillery wastewater (Garcia-Calderon et al.

Phanerochaete Utilization of Microorganisms for Biopurification of Wastewaters (Agricultural. . 31 chyrsosporium a major wood rotting fungus is capable enough to degrade a wide range of recalcitrant xenobiotic compound, including azo dyes (Aust 1990; Cripps et al. 1990). Phanerochaete chyrsosporium degrades a wide variety of structurally diverse organopollutants (Bumpus et al. 1985) through its nonspecific H2O2-dependent extracellular lignin degradation enzyme system (Cripps et al. 1990). Abadulla et al.

2000; Kissi et al. 2001; Ettayebi et al. 2003; Ammar et al. 2005; Dhouib et al. 2006; El-Bestawy et al. 2005). Microorganisms have been used to remove organic matter and toxic chemicals from domestic and industrial wastes discharged for many years (Gupta and Mukerji 2001). The use of microorganisms to destroy, or reduce the concentration of, hazardous waste on a contaminated site is called bioremediation. Such a. biological treatment system has various applications, including cleanup of contaminated sites such as water, soils, ground water, lagoons, sludges, waste streams/wastewaters, and process-waste streams.

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