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By Vigen Arakelian, Sébastien Briot

In this publication complex balancing tools for planar and spatial linkages, hand operated and automated robotic manipulators are provided. it's equipped into 3 major components and 8 chapters. the most elements are the creation to balancing, the balancing of linkages and the balancing of robotic manipulators. The evaluate of state of the art literature together with greater than 500 references discloses particularities of shaking force/moment balancing and gravity reimbursement equipment. Then new tools for balancing of linkages are thought of. tools supplied within the moment a part of the e-book take care of the partial and entire shaking force/moment balancing of varied linkages. a brand new box for balancing tools purposes is the layout of mechanical structures for quick manipulation. distinct recognition is given to the shaking force/moment balancing of robotic manipulators. Gravity balancing equipment also are mentioned. The recommended balancing equipment are illustrated by way of a number of examples.

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A planar four-bar mechanism has been taken as an example to illustrate the balancing process, the sensitivity analysis and the robust balancing method. The numerical results demonstrated the necessity of the sensitivity analysis to the balancing results and the effectiveness of the proposed robust balancing method. I. S. Kochev has worked successfully on the development of balancing theory (Kochev 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990a, b, 1991a, b, 1992a, b, c, d, e). In his work, the theory of isomomental ellipses, the linearly independent complex method, and studies concerning mechanical systems with double cranks having symmetrical properties are generalized.

2009; Lacasse et al. 2013; Laliberté et al. 2010; Baradat et al. 2005; Baradat et al. 2008) belong to that category. 3 Gravity Balancing in Robotics 39 a b c d e Fig. 22 Gravity compensation by using cam mechanisms: a (Simionescu and Ciupitu 2000b); b (Ulrich and Kumar 1991); c (Lakota and Petrov 1985); d (Kondrin et al. 1990); e (Petrov and Polishchuk 1979) In this case, a pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder is connected with some manipulator links (Bayer and Merk 2011; Belyanin 1988a; Fahim and Fernandez 1988; Yamamoto et al.

2002; Fattah and Agrawal 2004, 2005b; Herder 2005; Banala et al. 2004, 2006; Kramer et al. 2007; Agrawal et al. 2007; Agrawal and Agrawal 2005; Stienen et al. 2007; Rizk et al. 2008; Nakayama et al. 2009; Agrawal et al. 2009a). Let us examine a few examples. The design concept given in Figs. 36 (Agrawal et al. 3 Gravity Balancing in Robotics 49 Fig. 37 Engineering prototypes. (Banala et al. 2004; Agrawal et al. 2007) method: first, the centre of mass of the leg is geometrically located using a parallelogram mechanism, then the springs are placed at suitable positions in order to fully compensate the effect of gravity over the range of motion.

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