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Рабочая тетрадь для начинающих изучать английский на тему Животные и их детеныши.

метки темы:
Английский язык

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The scalelike "hooks" are arranged in up to 120 rings and are strikingly similar to S. dayi; that is, they are tubular, attached to the skin except for the very tip, and lack a sharp point (Fig. 10A). DISTRIBUTION. This active burrower is uncommon in beaches along the Atlantic coasts of France and Spain. Siphonosoma australe australe (Keferstein, 1865) Phascolosoma australe Keferstein, 1865^422-423. Sipunculus australis. -Shipley, 1899^156. Siphonosoma australe. -E. -Haldar, 1991:22-24. —Stephen and Edmonds, 1972:61.

The degree of anastomosing makes a precise count impossible, but this attribute helps discriminate between S. funafuti and S. boholense. Multiple Rectal Caecae. Siphonosoma vastum has a rectum with numerous digitiform, appendix-like structures near the anus (Fig. 11). Origin of Introvert Retractor Muscles. In nine species the ventral pair originates posterior to the dorsal, but in 5. cumanense all four muscles originate at the same level along the anterior-posterior axis. Fusiform Bodies. Two species (S.

Trunk (Body) The larger part of the worm, into which the introvert retracts. Ventral nerve cord An unpaired, unsegmented, midventral tract that goes from the ventral side of the circumesophageal connectives, along the inner surface of the body wall, to the posterior end of the trunk. Irregularly spaced lateral nerves are present along most of its length. Wing muscle A wing-shaped sheet of muscular connective tissue that anchors the terminal rectum to the body wall. Part I I Systematics Higher Taxa and User's Guide This book is designed to be accessible to both nonspecialists and those more familiar with sipunculans.

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