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By Richard Northcott

Рабочая тетрадь для начинающих изучать английский на тему Животные и их детеныши.

метки темы:
Английский язык

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The scalelike "hooks" are arranged in up to 120 rings and are strikingly similar to S. dayi; that is, they are tubular, attached to the skin except for the very tip, and lack a sharp point (Fig. 10A). DISTRIBUTION. This active burrower is uncommon in beaches along the Atlantic coasts of France and Spain. Siphonosoma australe australe (Keferstein, 1865) Phascolosoma australe Keferstein, 1865^422-423. Sipunculus australis. -Shipley, 1899^156. Siphonosoma australe. -E. -Haldar, 1991:22-24. —Stephen and Edmonds, 1972:61.

Longipapillosus. DISTRIBUTION. Shallow, warm waters off Ecuador, Costa Rica, California, Panama, Puerto Rico, and Florida. -E. Cutler and Cutler, 1982:748. -Stephen and Edmonds, 1972:44. -Stephen and Edmonds, 1972:58. -Stephen and Edmonds, I972:53DIAGNOSIS. Introvert much shorter than trunk, with prominent conical papillae (sometimes also hooks) arranged in rings. Body wall with small, irregular, saclike coelomic extensions; circular and longitudinal muscle layers gathered into anastomosing, sometimes indistinct bands.

Key to Sipunculus Subgenera and Species Note. In the text the species are arranged alphabetically within subgenera. Descriptions of generic and subgeneric attributes are not repeated for each species. i. Nephridiopore posterior to anus; spindle muscle originates on rectum (Fig. 4D) S. (Austrosiphon), 2 - Nephridiopore anterior to anus; spindle muscle originates on body wall anterior to anus (Fig. 4C) S. (Sipunculus), 3 2 - 37-43 LMBs; no protractor muscles - 27-31 LMBs; two dorsal protractor muscles S.

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