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By Dr. Stefan Nilsson (auth.)

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The purpose of this ebook is to supply a finished description and dialogue of autonomic nerve functionality within the vertebrates from a number of issues of view. Sections on anatomy, biochemistry of the transmitter components and the constitution, body structure and pharmacology of the different sorts of autonomic neurons were incorporated, including chapters facing the autonomic anxious keep an eye on of a few organs and organ platforms within the varied vertebrate teams. even if wisdom in numerous of those components is predicated totally on reports of mammals, a definite emphasis has been put on the autonomic nerve features within the non-mammalian vertebrates to explain, from a comparative physiological standpoint, the diversifications and attainable "phylogenetic tendencies" within the improvement of the autonomic nerve services within the vertebrates. it's very seen that the literature created by way of the full of life study actions in the fields of autonomic anxious anatomy, histochemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology and body structure is titanic certainly, and never all points of the topic could have bought reasonable remedy within the current quantity. With an analogy from astronomy, it really is was hoping that the mass compressed into this ebook has reached the extent of an energy-emitting neutron megastar, instead of the black gap which might be the results of compressing too huge a mass.

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9) (Langley and Orbeli 1911, Nico11952, Pick 1970). Anterior ganglia give off fine fibres that follow the blood vessels to the head and fore-limbs, and there are also (posterior) splanchnic (renal) nerves to the hindgut and urogenital organs (Fig. 8). The anterior splanchnic nerves extend to the coeliac ganglion (or coeliac plexus), from which postganglionic fibres run to the gut and spleen. In the urodeles, the abdominal sympathetic chains split to give off ventral trunks, which also carry ganglia.

Arra ngement of the au to nomic nervo us system ofa reptile. Note the branchcd sympa thetic c hai ns in th e ecrvica l and cephal ic regions . Abbrevia tion s as in Fig. 3. [Based mai nl y on H irl (92 1 1) a nd Adams ( 1942)] (medial) and a superficial (lateral) cephalic sympathetic. The deep branch crosses the glossopharyngeal (IX) and enters the palatine branch of the facial nerve (VII). The superficial branch enters the glossopharyngeal (IX) near the petrous ganglion, and continues forward to the hyomandibular branch of the facial (VII) and maxillary branch of the trigeminal nerve (V) (Fig.

Small axon bundle with clearly visible microtubules within the nerve profiles. Trout heart (Sa/rno yairdneri). Calibration bar= 111m. (Courtesy of Dr. Robert Santer) 31 many workers, this arrangement makes dissections of the avian sympathetic chains difficult. In the chicken, there are usually 37 (35-38) pairs of sympathetic chain ganglia: 14 cervical, 7 thoracic, 13 lumbosacral and 3 coccygeal ganglia (Bolton 1971 a, Bennett 1974). The most anterior outflow of preganglionic fibres takes place in the 14th cervical or 1st thoracic segment (Langley 1904, Yntema and Hammond 1945), from which fibres extend forward in the cervical sympathetic chains to the neck and head.

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