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By Leigh Gilmore, Kathleen M. Ashley, Gerald Peters

ISBN-10: 087023899X

ISBN-13: 9780870238994

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Postmodernism is frequently described in relation to questioning: it seems to call the question in a general sense whenever it is invoked and to function as a questioning mode within contemporary discourses. Thus its status as exterior (as a critical mode brought to bear upon a topic) or interior (as always already present) is always at issue. On the relationship between questioning and postmodernism, see Judith Butler's "Contingent Foundations: Feminism and the Question of 'Postmodernism'," in Feminists Theorize the Political, ed.

PIGS! WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE PIGS? What pigs? She was annoyed. She denied ever having said anything about pigs. It had been chickens all along. A strange power this, changing your mother's memory cassette. Her memory just crumbled before the printed pagewhich may explain in a small way why, in places where history has been falsified by the authorities, people are hard put to remember their true experiences. It's chickens for everybody whether they like it or not. " It is composed entirely of fights at the dinner table of his huge New York-Irish family.

It's like getting religion before dying: one is suddenly beset by alternatives. Every book needs a proper address. My mother was the one I addressed my first book to because she had been my author until I became one myself. But that isn't why I wrote the book. George Braziller, who published a book of my poetry, glimpsed between the rarefied vistas of my verse certain hints of stories. He suggested I write an autobiography, a suggestion I found absolutely intoxicating. Here I was, twenty-three years old, the possessor of a wealth of experience that had spawned an equal if not greater quantity of mythicizing anecdotes.

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