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By Barrington Moore Jr.

During this stimulating survey, Barrington Moore, the celebrated writer of many seminal works, adopts an ancient method of describe and clarify the relevant similarities and variations within the platforms of authority and inequality within the united states, the USSR, and China, and to discover the customers for a loose and rational society within the foreseeable destiny. He concludes that the tyranny of socialism with its omnipotent bureaucracies, and the shortcomings of liberal capitalism during which fiscal inequality has ended in common unemployment, have tarnished either structures as beliefs for the longer term. non secular fundamentalism and chauvinism, every now and then followed by means of terrorism, are makes an attempt to fill the partial ethical vacuum which has been created. Readership: lecturers, scholars, and most of the people; classes in comparative economics platforms; modern politics.


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159-60. V. I. Lenin, Sochineniyu, 4th ed. (Moscow, 1950), vol. 27, p. 241. The quotation occurs in the article on labor discipline in the Bolíshaya Sovetskaya Entsiklopediya, 2d ed. (Moscow, 1952), vol. 14, p. 487. A very similar quotation from the same speech -Lenin had no objections to repetition for the sake of emphasis -occurs in the article on one-man management, vol. 15, p. 476. The Tdnner Lectures on Human Values 140 In the early years of power the Bolsheviks were still searching for viable forms of management compatible with a fledgling socialist society.

There 35 36 Nove, Economic History, pp. 150-51, 153. , pp. 157, 166. The Tanner Lectures on Human Values 150 were also variations in the policy of the central authority, including a major but temporary retreat by Stalin. I cannot discuss these aspects here. It is enough to emphasize the chaotic and arbitrary character of authority in relation to the overwhelming mass of the population at this time. î 37 It is possible to form no more than a very rough notion of the social costs of this upheaval.

One-man management, or more loosely expressed, individual responsibility and authority. That had been the direction in which industrial practice had begun to move anyway. î 2 3 The theory and practice of one-man management did not shake down into a moderately settled form until after the Stalinist revolution from above. Shortly before Stalinís death, the second edition of the Great Soviet Encyclopediu published a definition of 22 23 Moore, Soviet Politics, pp. 164-65. S . V . ìYedinonachaliye,î vol.

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